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Why I Walk Bare-Chested (in Crowded Places)

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Coney Island 4 (2) Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, NY Summer 2015. Nobody cares… as it should be.

I walk bare-chested because I enjoy the feeling of freedom it gives me.

After two years quietly doing so, I started a blog at the request of friends and family to share my experiences and lessons learned.

Through the blog I occasionally get this question, “If you want to normalize female bare-chestedness, why do you walk bare-chested in places men don’t appear bare-chested?”

So here’s my answer.

First, I only appear bare-chested where it is in fact legal for a man to appear bare-chested.  I do not enter private establishments, for example, if the proprietors ask that men also where shirts.  I’m not out to challenge the owners of businesses trying to survive.

Second, with few exceptions, when I have appeared bare-chested I have seen at least one man bare-chested.  I make notes of it, in fact.  It’s…

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