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Clothes Free living at home

NY times offers tips on going socially clothes free

How to Be Naked in Public Choose your activities carefully. Swimming is the easiest for beginners. Volleyball and other jumping sports are more challenging. Yoga can be particularly intimidating, even for committed nudists. Don’t be surprised if you occasionally experience phantom clothes. After decades of living as a naturist — his preferred term and the one used in Europe — Deschênes still sometimes reaches to pull up his nonexistent pants after using the restroom. Read full article from NY Times Curator’s note:Stephane Deschenes owner operator of Bare Oaks naturist park in Toronto Canada was interviewed for the article. 

clothes free vacation, pt. 1: landing home

It’s early Monday morning, and I’m having my usual cup of tea. I had originally scheduled to have today off as a day of transition after my first clothes free vacation. I knew I’d need time to step out of the woods and sand back into the noise and density of the city. I didn’t know it would be this hard, though. This morning, my tea is accompanied with tears. 

creating my clothes free life

 From time to time, I come across discussions about what to do with young people when it comes to naturism? How do we keep it from dying with older age groups that seem to be most heavily involved? Is the end of naturism upon us? What to do? I have no magic answers for these big questions, and I won’t speak on behalf of all young people. I can only say that these discussions prompted me to take some time and reflect on my first year of clothes free life. 

No more covering up

Why I Love Being Naked -After years of trying to covering myself up, I’ve embraced what I look like in my natural state. Girls are taught to be ashamed of their bodies in a lot of different ways. From diet commercials and the implausibly thin models in magazines to the sounds of boys and men cooing and sneering and commenting on our bodies as if they have a right to them, naked, exposed skin becomes a hell of a lot more than just natural. It’s simultaneously an invitation and explanation (“She must have been asking for it!”) and one of the main preoccupations of many girls’ lives. Skinny girls long to be a little more about that bass since Real Women Have Curves; fat girls are told their curves are in all the wrong places. It’s toxic. I spent all of high school and college fretting about my weight and my shape, to the point of it becoming unhealthy. I’d wake up in bed with someone and do that thing they do in the movies …

Reporter examines life at a clothes free retirement resort

COMMENTARY: Life in an RGV nudist resort I spent early Thursday afternoon at Sandpipers Resort. It’s a retirement nudist resort in North Edinburg, and it was nothing like I had expected. True, there were a lot of love handles and skin parts hanging low and all out. Elderly nudists of every size, and shape performed everyday tasks sin ropa. But what surprised me the most was how equalizing the lack of clothing made everyone and how natural everyone was around everyone else. It got me wondering whether I had any unnecessary hang-ups or pretense for even wanting to see the place. Once I closed the judgmental side of my mind and began taking in all that I saw and heard, it was a truly enjoyable and unique experience. Read more at The Monitor

Naked Neighbor Isn’t Doing Anything Illegal

Everything is better naked! The people of Cardinal Glen aren’t too happy with their neighbor, who has been spotted numerous times naked on his property. The protruding neighbor has been spotted talking on his phone, opening the front door, and in general just hanging out for all to see. Parents are upset because they don’t […]