Month: May 2015

celestial bodies at Sandy Hook

Originally posted on Active Naturists:
Now that the beach season is open in NYC, here is a recap of last year’s fun times at Sandy Hook, and to complete the full circle (and start the new one!) – a couple of photos from the first beach day this year. (Well, first beach day here – as you know, I was in Miami in March :-)) Before I forget, here are useful links for the Seastreak Ferry that goes to Sandy Hook: two $25 dollar offers – Groupon 1 and Groupon 2; and $30 coupon from  website (regular price for return ticket is hefty $45). I’ve written on Gunnison Beach of Sandy Hook on multiple occasions (just do a search for “sandy hook” on this website for more); so if you’ve read my blog for a while, you know it’s a kind of beach where you go with with a group of friends, and even if you go alone, you end up with with a few friends anyways 🙂 … just sometimes you need to dig them up…

Naked in the rain

Originally posted on Naked Diaries:
Lately I’ve been missing being naked anywhere other than my house. Yes, I’ve been exploring and experimenting with being barefoot and I’ve even joined SBL, but I’ve been restricting nudity to indoors only. Some of this is due to me becoming a dad and having no time to get outside, but mainly it’s because someone would cause a nasty scene if I were to appear outside naked in broad daylight. I do, after all, spend a lot of time outside, except I’m clothed. So I only get to be naked outside after nightfall, when my wife and son are both tucked in and after I put the diapers in the washing machine and the dishes in the dishwasher. Even then I often pass the pleasure because I’m usually so tired I could easily put diapers in the dishwasher, or just put everything altogether in the drier and be none the wiser about what I’ve done until morning when I’ll be needing my largest cup for my daily dose of caffeine.…

World Naked Bike Ride – The Documentary. Film screening at ACE

Originally posted on World Naked Bike Ride, Edinburgh:
In conjunction with our good friends Critical Mass and the Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh we are screening the World Naked Bike Ride Documentary. This will take place THIS FRIDAY 29TH after the Critical Mass ride at 8.30pm at ACE (17 West Montgomery Place, Edinburgh EH7 5HA). All very welcome.The documentary is based on an early World Naked Bike Ride experiences hosted in London and is sure to be an inspiration to our ride on the 13th June. It is narrated by John Snow and is only about 30 minutes. It is free to watch from here if you want to watch it independently but it will be good to watch it together.

Hasting’s First World Naked Bike Ride, 2014 #WNBR

Originally posted on Socks off:
Last year I took part in my first World Naked Bike Ride.  Coincidentally the ride I elected to take part in was also a first, Hasting’s first WNBR which suited me because as a new ride, numbers were much lower and I’m not exactly confident on a bike. A number of my friends have ridden on WNBR rides for years and quite a few organise and marshal the events so I had plenty of people to turn to for advice to allay my qualms, not only about my distinct lack of cycling prowess but also as a woman and naturist, taking part in such a public event. For those of you who have never witnessed or taken part in a WNBR ride, they’re joyous occasions transmitting a deadly serious message.  Although I haven’t cycled much in adulthood, I’m environmentally conscious, a belief structure which underpins the naturist community.   Supported by naturists and non naturists, these rides are fundamentally protest rides designed to highlight the deleterious effect we are collectively imposing upon our broken…