Month: July 2016

Announcing the clothes free life poetry anthology

We’re excited to announce a partnership with Retired Eagle Books Publishing Together we will produce an anthology  of poems from our four years of poetry contests. If you have participated in the contest and would like your poem to be included please contact us immediately to provide permission. Each poet will receive a copy of the book.  

WNBR Manchester report – guest contributor John Harding

Three weeks ago I did something that I had been wanting to do for years; I took part in a World Naked Bike Ride. Previous years had fallen on family occasions or work commitments and I had been unable to attend the nearest ride, in Manchester, which is around 20 miles from my countryside home. This year, I was working in London on the Friday and spent an additional day in the capital city so I could attend my first WNBR on Saturday 11th June. My journey started at my parents’ house at the end of the Underground network, and a mere mile ride down to the local station. There are strict rules on London trains where cyclists can take bicycles, and my journey ended an hour later at Baker Street which is where I had to depart. The London WNBR has six different start points; those starting at Regents Park, Hyde Park and Kings Cross ride through London to Piccadilly Circus where all three groups converge. A bit further on, the cyclists from Tower …

Here is an essay on Naturism I wrote for School.

Originally posted on Naturist Gaming Experimentation:
Since I still have no content to post here is an essay I wrote for school it isn’t super great but I think it could be worse so here it is… Naturism We often think of clothing as a form of protection, but what if I told you that there are people out there that believe clothes tend to do the opposite of what we mean to use them for and would rather go without when possible, these people are called Naturists. The concept of naturism has been around as long as clothes have though it didn’t always have that name. I plan to go over what exactly naturism is (including going over some of the misconceptions and lesser known details), How naturism is beneficial (not only to the individual but to society as a whole), and since I am not exactly an authority on the subject where you could go to learn more. To start with what exactly is naturism? Well the exact definition changes depending on who…

Is Social Media a good promotional tool for Naturists?

Originally posted on Naturist Fab:
Since writing my Blog “Naturism and the acceptance of Body Image” over a year and a half ago I have often wondered if social media is good for the naturist lifestyle? I follow many positive naturist sites; here on WordPress, Twitter, Tumblr and now Instagram.  I find it a daily chore to weed away the “Porn” trolls who; for lack of a better term are there to get their jollies off by seeing naked people.  Its nudity everyone, get over it.  It’s not lewd and has nothing to do with sex. Sex is between two loving people in a healthy relationship that remains (or should remain) behind closed doors.  Naturism has nothing to do with swingers.  Naturism is feeling good about yourself, feeling confident, being open, honest and free. A Naturist is accepting of others, no matter what their shape, size, color or gender, knowing that all bodies are beautiful. There is such a debate regarding posting naked pictures online.  Some say it’s not safe (safe for whom?), will the…


Originally posted on The SL Naturist 2:
? The onsen is a hot spring/bath in Japan. Abigail did an extensive post on these baths last November, in SL Naturist as part of the ‘southern hemisphere’ tour, even though Japan’s in the northern hemisphere. ? It’s hard to know how accurate a portrayal of onsen life SL’s version brings, or indeed how representative the imagery of onsen life as found on the internet is. My research suggests that the onsen are more likely to be gender segregated than involve mixed, nude bathing. However it seems that in the past mixed, nude bathing would have been a regular occurrence. Now, men appear to cover their genital area with a small towel used for washing. The towel isn’t supposed to be immersed in the water for hygiene purposes, which is why you can see photos of users, male or female, with a towel propped on their heads. Women wearing towels in the onsen Women with towels on their head Anime of an onsen shows a mixture of towel-clad and naked…

Naked Attraction

Originally posted on The SL Naturist 2:
Grrr!!!! I wrote about this TV programme on UK’s Channel 4 last week, and watched it via their ‘Catch up’ service on Tuesday. It was awful, I have to say. As a naturist I spend time, in the real world and in Second Life, trying to underline the actuality that nudity doesn’t always equal sex. That naturism is non-sexual social nudity. Programmes like this, wherein adults are reduced to sniggering adolescents, make that task harder. ‘It’s a nice trimmed bush’, one naked guy said of a female. ‘What do you think of his penis? the presenter asked a female of a male. The Sunday papers are now published, with some reviewing the last week’s television. The Sunday Telegraph uses ‘Naked Attraction’ as the jumping on point for a discussion about male nudity on television.  I’m not bothered. I think that if the scene demands it, nudity from both sexes should be expected. How many scenes have we witnessed where a man or woman who, we are led to believe, have been…

Power is not given. Power is taken. A 1,000 mile bare-chested walk

Originally posted on breastsarehealthy:
Pennsylvania Ave SE, Capitol Hill, Washington D.C. July 9, 2016. Paulette McKenzie Leaphart (center, next to the person in the blue t-shirt), arrives with supporters at the end of her 1,000 mile bare-chested walk. Capitol Hill, Washington D.C. July 9, 2016. Paulette McKenzie Leaphart (center left, holding the white t-shirt) finishes her 1,000 mile walk from Mississippi to the U.S. Capitol. She made the entire walk bare-chested to raise awareness for breast cancer research, treatment and fair insurance coverage. I once heard a speech by an African-American Federal Judge in which he respectfully counseled a predominantly female audience, “Remember, power is not given.  Power is taken.” Standing next to Paulette McKenzie Leaphart on July 9, as she completed her 1,000 mile bare-chested walk from Mississippi to the steps of the U.S. Capitol building, I felt that power. Paulette is an undeniable force and exudes strength, wisdom and love.  She carried with her a message of peace and unity, but also a demand to amend national health care to screen for, treat…