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Desexualizing nudity means clarifiying intent 

ART MODELING AND INTENT First: eww. This guy obviously did not convince me to spread my legs or my labia. Because he was missing one very important point in his attempted guilt trip: intent.   His point of view was centered entirely around one thing: him. How he felt, how aroused he was. There was no convincing him that nudity could be non-sexual in any context. Or pretty girls that he was attracted to either, for that matter.   The thing is, I’m not responsible for his boner. If he pops a stiffy looking at Picasso, that’s not Picasso’s problem. That just makes him a weirdo. In contrast, I can tell you that posing nude isn’t a sexual act for me. I’m not thinking about getting my audience, photographer, or myself off. Curators note: The writer’s point applies equally well to clothes free life as it does to nude art modeling.  Read full article 

The rise of the selfie

A selfie is the name that is being  used to describe self shot photos usually taken with a cell phone camera using the reflection in a mirror. Until recently they were just called mirror pics but some tech savvy person coined the term for these images made popular by photo sharing services like Instagram that seem to be everywhere.  Now selfies can be seen all over the Internet and in social media,  Even on some nudist and naturist social sites. Some nudists and naturists have shown a real dislike for  nude selfies, suggesting that these photos don’t belong on nudist sites because they don’t reflect the genuine practice of living clothes free. Admittedly some selfies are poor photos beause they are limited in what they display by the process used for taking the picture. Phone in one hand, pointed at a mirror from some varying distance, trying to get the body in the frame of the mirror and the camera creates the same mundane poses. Some selfies are down right sexual and depict naked people in …

Invasion of the glamor shot aliens

In the the first Men in Black movie Will Smith’s character discovers that “all models are aliens.”  In the most recent MIB he tells us that those model aliens are from the planet Glamoria. We laugh because it is such a out of whack train of thought. Sure models are different but aliens nah! Still that seems to be the trend in thinking for a recent spate of criticisms flying through the online nudie community.  The criticism goes like this. Glamor shots regardless of whether they are indoor or outdoor are not naturist because they are staged and posed. They are not nudists because the models are all perfect looking “photoshopped beasties from the planet Glamoria.”They don’t represent real people with real bodies. This is a reoccurring problem faces by the nudist/naturist community trying to define itself in and either or way in a both and world. First it was criticism of self shot mirror pics and now the not so self shot glamor photos. Sure some “glamor” shots do not reflect the nudist/naturist ideals. For …

university president impresses art students

University President Poses Naked, Art Students Impressed From china smack Gather around and look! University president teaches class naked, the color drains from girls’ faces This event happened at Sun Yat Sen Arts and Sciences campus. It is the absolute truth, unadulterated, and not muddled. read more

Nude yoga busting out all over

The practice of nude yoga seems to be growing. Many people report being comfortable doing yoga nude at home. Others are joining together to practice in a group. Here a re a couple of recent reporting on nude yoga classes in Cleveland and New York City The class is called Buck-naked Yoga and it’s no place for being shy. “I was approached about five years ago by a group that asked if I was willing to do a yoga workshop in the nude. It’s been my most popular class since,” said Harris. Harris owns the studio. For him, it’s a liberating experience. Read more and see video Nude Yoga & Drum Circles by Zensuality NYC The studio was softly lit by candlelight, lending a peaceful atmosphere. It’s a small and intimate space in a rectangular shape, with a mirror expanding the length of one wall. We shed our shoes and clothing and placed our mats in a line facing the mirror, while Zen positioned herself directly in front of it. Class is accompanied by live …