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not public of no one sees you

Is public nudity lewd if no one sees it? Hingham judge says no If a man is naked in the woods and no one’s around, does it count as open and gross lewdness? Not according to a Hingham judge. The Patriot Ledger reports Heather Bradley, the first justice in Hingham District Court, last week threw out two felony charges in a Hanover case based in part on video that police say shows a 61-year-old defendant walking half-naked through a town park when no one else was present. Bradley let stand a third count of open and gross lewdness that was based on what police officers say they saw when they staked out the trail where the defendant, Alen J. Costa of Somerset, had allegedly made a habit of taking mid-day strolls while naked from the waist down. read more – Source: WCVB

judge orders Minnesota man to build a fence

Minnesota man with penchant for nude yard work ordered to build fence A rural Litchfield man has been sentenced to two years of supervised probation and ordered to build a fence after neighbors say they saw him doing chores and sunbathing outdoors while nude. According to court documents, from last May 25 to July 12, witnesses say they saw Larry Fiero, 59, sunbathing nude on his deck, picking up sticks while only wearing work boots, riding a lawn mower and bringing his garbage can to the road while completely nude. He was also charged again after washing his car naked in October. read more – Source: Twin Cities Pioneer Press

international cities differ widely in response to public/private nudity

Here’s How Different Parts Of the World Tackle Public Nudity Public nudity is a contentious matter to many. Public figures and regular citizens alike continue to show support for the #FreetheNipple movement, which battles double standards about who can show their nipples. Some women have gone so far as to walk around topless in Manhattan to prove a point. Here’s how cities and nations around the world tackle public nudity. What @instagram won't let you see #FreeTheNipple— Scout LaRue Willis (@Scout_Willis) May 27, 2014 read more Source: attn:

Naked tourist photo trend good or no?

How common are ‘naked tourism’ photos? Brit arrested in Peru just one of many to join craze A British tourist who stripped naked to pose for a photo at Machu Picchu in Peru has been arrested by local authorities. But the actions of 23-year-old Adam Burton are not an example of an isolated incident. There is a growing trend online for ‘naked tourism’ pictures – people daring to bare all in front of popular landmarks or beautiful landscapes One Facebook page, Naked at Monuments , features shots of naked men posing in front of famous landmarks around the world. In the ‘about us’ section of their page, they simply offer the explanation: “We get naked around the world. Pretty self explanatory really…” Source: Daily Mirror Curator’s note: Follow the link take  the poll share what you think of the practice. Personally doesn’t seem respectful. It may even make things worse for people trying to live clothes free in that location.

Hawaii nude beach goers and local residents at odds

Residents, swimmers clash over ‘clothing optional’ beach Polo Beach in Mokuleia has long been known as a “clothing optional” beach, a fact that angers area homeowners. Denise Kuehu and other residents say the nudity has gotten out of hand, and that public decency laws should be enforced to keep beachgoers clothed. “It’s been going on for so long that we’re basically getting tired that we don’t have anybody from the government or the state helping us out on this,” she said. But Polo Beach regulars like RoAnne Gatt say they’re not bothering anyone, and they want to officially designate the beach as a nude sunbathing site. “If there are families who do walk past, we do put on something to hide our genitals,” she said. “We are respectful of families who do stroll across the beach.” Richard Spacer, of the Naturist Action Committee, is behind the push to make Polo Beach clothing optional Source: Hawaii News Now

Open couple charged with traumatizing children

# Nudist couple ‘traumatised’ kids after ‘having sex in front of them for a DECADE’ ‘I still remember the looks on their faces’: Nudist couple who never closed the door when they had sex are charged with ‘compromising the sexual integrity’ of their daughters. “They had sex everywhere. In the living room, on the balcony, on their car – they never closed the doors. Read more: Curator’s note: Once again the nudist label attached to sexual acts as a justification. The behavior described has NOTHING to do with clothes free life or naturism but nudist label seems lost to all the so call open minded participants in sexually oriented lifestyles.

So Far So Good for Top freedom in New Hampshire

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A wild Ginger in her natural habitat, the pine forests of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. Rumors of such creatures have circulated in local folklore for centuries. ? Quick recap: Last summer, September 2015, a group of women went peacefully bare-chested on Gilford town beach in New Hampshire.  They had already had many peaceful bare-chested outings over the summer at other New Hampshire beaches and parks, as groups and as individuals, but on this day, after receiving complaints, police issued citations to two women in the group.  Both women asked to be cited.  They took their citations to court in December 2015 and in January 2016 4th Circuit Court, Laconia Division Judge Jim Carroll said that since it is not illegal in the state criminal code for a woman to be bare-chested Gilford’s ordinance was unenforceable. In reaction, a group of state representatives from the lakes region introduced House Bill 1525, which would have made it illegal for a woman to expose her nipples but not for a man to expose…

At least he’s wearing a helmet!

Man spotted riding his bike naked along a highway is a naturalist fighting a $200 fine in court for the right to cycle in his G-string Naturist Nick Lowe got a few more stares than he bargained for as he rode between Havelock and Blenheim, wearing only a helmet, shoes and a leopard-print thong, handmade by his wife, reported. Resident Christopher Lane said he and his children had attended the Muddy Buddy, a run around a muddy river mouth or estuary, for a family fun day in small town Havelock. One the drive home, we passed a cyclist and it was just as we passed him we spotted he had hardly any clothes on!’ Read more:

Nude cyclist has reopened the debate of public nudity.

Mixed reaction to man cycling nude As unexpected as the cyclist had been, Mr Hadfield was also surprised at the can of worms opened after he posted about his experience on a Facebook page. He said he thought it was interesting that some people sexualised what happened while others saw it as normal. “Most people thought it was funny, like good on this guy having this attitude and getting out there on his bike.” Opinions were varied throughout a giant thread – some applauded the cyclist, while others said his actions were offensive and dangerous. Source: New Zeland Herald -Hawkes Today

The Right to Bare Breasts

Feminism. It is a word that is so important, yet has become so taboo in the Western Culture. It is a term that is equated with man-hater, or with a woman who wants power and control over men. It re… Today, in the year 2015, it is illegal for a woman to be topless in 35 states, and this includes breastfeeding. I would say that America is still pretty far behind if this is what is happening. A woman’s body is censored because of the ideas that this culture has promoted about them, and it is time for a change. A woman should feel comfortable breastfeeding her child in all public places (or at least most of them), not just in ones that say, “breastfeeding welcome here.” A woman’s body should not be constantly put on display everywhere except for on the actual human person, and a woman should feel comfortable in her own body, no matter what it is, without feeling ashamed because it might not be sexual enough for this western culture. Source: …