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Talk up Tuesday April 12, 2016 topic why I love clothes free living

This week’s topic why I love clothes free living There was another topic originally scheduled to be out talk up topic but in the spirit of our recently announced effort to focus on the positives of  clothes free living, naturism and nudism we decided on a different question. So take a moment to answer the why of clothes free living why do like/love clothes free living what is it about clothes free living that brings you joy? Talk up! You can respond in the comment section take the poll, add an audio response or all of the above. Remember to stay on topic & if you disagree do so without being disagreeable.  Here’s what some folks on Twitter and IG said

why I love clothes free living

because I truly believe that clothes free is the healthiest lifestyle. @nudejim55 That’s like asking why do I breathe! 😉 will forest @ nudescribe I am a naturist. @ steffanrhys3 @Nakdlife We hate household chores, like laundry. @chizmartim Tim Chizmar  because I live it. Love it. Support it. @nudejam It helps me center myself so that I can breathe. All my senses become alive…again. @Kuhnsgene my wife and I have been true nudist for 25 yrs

talk up tuesday April 5, 2016 clothing optional or clothes free first time

talk up tuesday April 5, 2016 clothing optional or clothes free how would you feel most comfortable your first time vision a naturist/nudist venue Welcome to the debut of talk up Tuesday. Share your opinion, your voice, your thoughts on the topic of the week. This week’s question came from a response on Twitter to a tweet made during last week’s live broadcast. Host EarlD suggested some people might be more comfortable on a first time visit to a naturist/nudist venue if it were clothing optional instead of clothes free. The very specific quote drew very generalized response to in the words of one Twitter give the “other side”. We think there is only one side that of the person who is testing the waters for the first time. That do you think? Talk up would you be most comfortable your first time at a distance/naturist venue if it was clothing optional or clothes free. Do you think your friends or family who are no naturist/nudists or clothes free be more comfortable first time at clothes …