Month: October 2013

official(!) naked-friendly trail and water hole in Mohonk Preserve, NY

Originally posted on Active Naturists:
I haven’t counted exactly how much but a good share of our blogposts is about hiking. This one is special because it is about a trail that is officially designated for nude recreation! Yes, there is one (hope not the only one!) – at Split Rock in Mohonk Preserve, New York! I heard about it from Young Naturists America, as they organized a couple of outings there; you can also read about their correspondence with the park officials as to why there is no information about this trail on their website. The bottom line is that this is a private land, and one of the conditions of the owners to give it for public use was keeping its tradition of skinny-dipping. Well, if only more land-owners were like that! Unfortunately, clothing is only optional behind the actual Split Rock formation (the name speaks for itself – it’s a split rock with a creek and small waterfall in the middle), and the nude-friendly trail is just about 10 min walk of…

Mohonk Preserve Clothing Optional Trail At Split Rock

Mohonk Preserve Clothing Optional Trail At Split Rock. Read full article Mohonk Preserve – We went there on a sunny day in August. There are numerous hiking and mountain biking trails all over this mountainous rural area, not to mention rock climbing and various other outdoor activities you can do there. The place we went to is a clothing-optional section on the Coxing Trail. The closest parking lot is at the Coxing Trail Head. This lot fills up quickly. It was full upon our afternoon arrival so instead we parked at the West Trapps trail head. This was a longer ways away (approx 30 minutes), but a nice hike anyway! It’s a relatively easy hike, but sneakers are recommended. The trail runs along a stream called Coxing Kill, and first you pass through the clothing-required part, along with a popular spot called Split Rock. Then a ways down you reach that sign posted on the tree. And you can remove all clothing and be as freely nude as the wildlife! [There is so sadly no …

Pinho Beach

Originally posted on Naturist Diary:
“Excellent beach, good infrastructure, nudity mandatory” This is an easily accessible beach near Balneario Camburiu, one of the most popular vacation spots in South America. Full nudity is required by all (there is a separate textile beach). Unaccompanied males are allowed access only if they are current members of the International Naturist Federation and present their naturist passport.  Infrastructure includes a small “hotel” and restaurant, and a kiosk on the beach sells snacks and drinks as well as renting lounging chairs and beach umbrellas. There is a modest parking fee (access to both the textile and naturist areas) used by the naturist committee that maintains the facility, and an additional parking charge if you want to park in the fully nude section. From there it is only a few meters to the beach. The general area is top-rated for vacationing, with South America’s largest theme park (Beto Carrero World), a cable-car that lifts you over a mountain between the city and one of the other beaches that offers spectacular views,…

Bare Body Confidence

    Bare Body Confidence   Why would someone so averse to baring her flesh sign up for this? No, I didn’t lose a bet. I’m motivated by my boyfriend, Chris, an avid runner and the inspiration behind my completing six half-marathons, two fullmarathons, and a handful of shorter races in which I’ve even won an award or two. Chris has run the Fig Leaf three years in a row and won’t shut up about how much fun it is. Though I’m more interested in the bragging rights that come from going through with something so outrageous, at the heart of my decision is this: I love the adrenaline rush of a new challenge. But as the date approaches, I find it harder to view the race as just another adventure. The thought of my bare body in front of a group of strangers is scary enough; the thought of my lumps and bumps jiggling around for the world to see is downright mortifying.  

Nude modeling and body image: The workshop report

Originally posted on Jillian Page:
Jillian Page with apple, in 20-minute reclining pose for Figure Drawing workshop in Montreal on Oct. 20, 2013. (Click on image to see larger version.) “The power of art and the new perspectives drawing brings are inestimable.” — Colette Coughlin “Pose naked? I could never do that!” At least a dozen people responded that way to me when I told them I had posed for a group of artists in a “figure drawing” workshop focusing on body acceptance. Some of them cited body image issues — “I wouldn’t want anyone to see this body naked!” It didn’t matter to them when I explained that the workshops need models of all shapes and sizes and ages, and that first-time models are welcome. It didn’t matter to them when I explained that the workshops help people overcome body image issues, and leave you feeling empowered. They just wouldn’t hear of it. Yet, all agree that beauty is only skin deep, and that it really doesn’t matter to them how other people look…