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Felicity Jones: Nudist Club Photography Policies: Is It Time To Change?

Felicity Jones of Young Naturists America on balancing privacy, respect and consent at clothes free venues with regard to photography policies.   “…I think it’s time we start to move beyond the overly-cautious, paranoid approach of the 20th century and allow nudism to be more easily documented in the digital age. We can emphasize privacy, respect and consent while still letting people have fun and without turning nudism into a secret, hidden activity.” Read her full post here: Side note from hontouniheart: Reflecting on my own experience, I was most certainly concerned by the possibility of people taking photos of me, or being caught in photos without my consent. Last year was a lot of firsts for me during year 1 of my clothes free life, and I wasn’t really sure what to expect or whom to trust. I didn’t even really trust the approved photographers who were there to document the event. However, I will say, that because those were my first experiences, I really wanted to document them for myself, for my own records …

Artist uses nude images to raise consciousness about race

Woman Poses Nude in the Middle of Wall Street Visual artist Nona Faustine, a Brooklyn native, has published a series of provocative photos to underscore New York’s role in the Transatlantic Slave Trade. The photo series, titled “White Shoes,” features Faustine posing nude on Wall Street, at City Hall, in a Brooklyn cemetery, and at various other New York landmarks where African slaves arrived, lived, and died in America. A graduate of NYU’s School of Visual Arts, Faustine cites enslaved African “model” Saartjie Baartman and black American photographer Carrie Mae Weems as major influences and inspirations for her “White Shoes” project. “Through self-portraiture,” Faustine explains, “I explore issues about the black body within photography and history.“   read more from Complex see photos in the “white shoes series”

Naked At The Museum

Spencer Tunick has staged mass events at which naked people were the piece of art. Another American artist, James Turrell, has had an opposite idea: inviting guests to walk around naked to admire his art. Either way, it is a positive move that can benefit international naturism, the movement which encourages public and social non-sexual nudity. Visiting a museum can now be added to the more traditional #thingstodointhenude, like swimming, sunbathing, sports, sleeping.  Continue reading at:

What’s p*rn to you is fine for me

Let me start up front by saying I have already made it clear that I believe naturist bloggers/tweeters should avoid posting images from p*rn sites. I think it muddies the water and perpetuate the social association between simple nudity and sexual activity and arousal. A recent conversation with a woman making her way into clothes free living has heightened my awareness of the significance of the images we connect with the clothes free life’s even more. So when I came across this tweet from a naturist follower I could not help but comment. My comment was that the photo was actually from a p*rn site so was more about titillation and not body freedom or being one’s true self. Responses to my comment included comments like. P*rn sites steal and use naturist all the time too At least they are real (implied not the surgically altered kind) My reply guys who post d*ck pics in their Twitter feed would say the same about themselves they are real. The photo on its own is not …

The Most Vulnerable Yoga Moment of My Life. ~ Michael Collins {Amazing Nude Photos}

yogi goes clothes free for photo shoot and has amazing experience The Most Vulnerable Yoga Moment of My Life. ~ Michael Collins {Amazing Nude Photos} If someone had suggested when I woke up that I would be doing so by sunset, I would have relegated the notion to the province of frivolous absurdity. I am not found au natural in public, ever. This experience came to pass by chance. I didn’t hire a photographer, nor did I decide to head out to desolate nowhere with a friend where I would unceremoniously strip naked and take some vanity shots. The story of how this unlikely experience came to pass is an interesting tell, and one which, for me, required some fortitude to share. In retrospect, I am very proud of these photos. I am not proud because they look cool or showcase a freakish aptitude for asana; I am proud of them because they required strength, courage, trust, mastery, focus, and presence in an environment where I felt most vulnerable. The significance was lost on me …

Body Illusion

Body illusions in photography fascinating exploration of how the mind can be fooled into seeing various perceptions of the body well worth checking out Illusion of the Body This series was made to tackle the supposed norms of what we think our bodies are supposed to look like. Most of us realize that the media displays only the prettiest photos of people, yet we compare ourselves to those images. We never get to see those photos juxtaposed against a picture of that same person looking unflattering. That contrast would help a lot of body image issues we as a culture have. >Imagery in the media is an illusion built upon lighting, angles & photoshop. People can look extremely attractive under the right circumstances & two seconds later transform into something completely different. >Within the series I tried to get a range of body types, ethnicities & genders to show how everyone is a different shape & size; there is no “normal”. Each photo was taken with the same lighting & the same angle.

Bare-devils: Women strip off to rock climb completely naked in stunning landscapes across U.S. and the world

rock climbing clothes free Bare-devils: Women strip off to rock climb completely naked in stunning landscapes across U.S. and the world It can be a dangerous sport at the best of times, so spare a thought for these professional climbers who posed completely naked in a variety of perilous positions for a calendar photoshoot. These striking images show the women posing without any equipment in some of the most sensational landscapes across the United States and the world. read more