Month: February 2013

Fire Island ban on nude sunbathing

Nude Sunbathing Banned On Fire Island via CBS New York Lighthouse Beach features one of the most “one of the most popular nude beaches in the U.S. A mix of straight and gay, singles and couples and some families,” the site says. And in Kismet, there is an official nude beach with a big sign ‘Beyond This Point You May Encounter Nude Sunbathers.’” But this summer, that guide will be rendered obsolete. Fire Island National Seashore authorities will start enforcing laws banning the decades-long practice of nude sunbathing on the 32-mile-long barrier island off Long Island this summer.

Get Naked

Column: Let’s get naked! via California Aggie When was the last time you saw someone other than yourself naked, in media or in the flesh, in a non-sexual environment? Andrew Martinez provided folks with just that opportunity. Nudity sans sex. What a novelty! And he was arrested for it. I need not fall into a discussion about how oversexualized our culture is: We are all familiar with the multitude of risque advertisements and obsessively sexual HBO shows. I want to glorify the bare human form. All shapes, colors, lengths, widths and ages.

Originally posted on Ramblings of S. Brown:
I don’t know exactly when I’ve learned about Nudism but I know that I was quite young then. My father had lots of books about different topics and it’s possible I’ve read it somewhere from his collection. I just know that when I’ve learned about it, I was eager to try it. But living in a cramped house in an urban area, it’s quite difficult. So every opportunity I get being alone in the house, I go nude. This was when I was in early teens. Now that I’m an adult and when I first had my own house, the first thing I did was go around naked. Not a strip of clothing. The next step for me is to try social nudism. In our region of the world, people are not open minded about nudism. There aren’t areas designated as such. The only areas that I can go to are Japanese/Korean spas that have nude areas. Until such time that I can experience social nudism in a natural environment, I feel that my journey towards…

Originally posted on Ramblings of S. Brown:
I’m in my late 30s. In my whole life, I have skinny dipped only twice. I would like to have done a lot more but there are so few opportunities for me. The first one was in the year 2000. It was the holy week I think so there were a few people in the city. I was with my two female relatives in a semi-public pool. They dared me to take off my swim wear, and since we were the only ones there, I obliged. Here’s the photo they took. (low-res scanned film negative). The second one was around 2001. I was with my then girlfriend, now my wife. We borrowed a house with a pool. The thing we remember about it was when i took off my swim wear, I forgot to take of my flip-flops when I stepped into the pool. That caused me to shout “My flip-flops!” in our language. We still laugh about it today. Unfortunately we don’t have a picture of that…

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Like most things in the commercial world of today, there is or so we are told, always something new, that is so much better than whatever we had before. A new phone, a new tablet or I pad, a better TV, a new car the list is endless. Over the years cameras had changed very little, until the digital age came into force and film was replaced with memory card.Subject matter of course is all important and to illustrate this i  nearly always prefer to use our photographs to back up the written words.Landscape and the natural world can make for wonderful photography and bare skin can add tone to dull colourless landscapes.The modern cameras allow you take 100’s even 1000’s of photos and then you can put them into blogs/websites or print them in an instant.This is grand when you really need to keep cost to a minimum as before you had to buy film, process it, then scan before you could post them anywhere.   The world’s first digital camera was a…