Month: December 2014

Relaxing a policy

Originally posted on the sl naturist:
Hitherto, we’ve always adopted a ‘no voyeuristic photos’ policy, wherein models may have been photographed without their knowledge or permission. I’ve been persuaded to relax that a little in 2015, on the basis that it’s often these type of photos that truly represent naturism best. An airbrushed, made up, model, his or her hair styled perfectly, rarely gives an accurate representation of naturism. People in campsites doing holiday things are a much more accurate depiction of the lifestyle. So… ? …the photos above give a fairer reflection of what a naturist holiday is about (these are all from Croatia) and suggest that it’s just ‘normal stuff’. Genuine naturism, to utilise my own description. Thus, I’ve decided that not only will SLN, in 2015, use such RL photos but we may also, if possible, utilise photos that depict naturism, similarly, within SL itself. Ella

Simple Message to The Media and TV Networks | The Naturist Page

Originally posted on The Naturist Page:
It seems the media and the TV networks go by the slogan, “sex sells” and anytime there is just about any naked event or segment you tend to blow up things to make it sound more sexual than it really is. I’m writing to you because Naturists like me are tired of hearing and reading in the tabloids of events for simple non-sexual nudity being blown up to something it’s not. Understand that straight up nudity and sexual-ism are completely different. Associating nudity and sexual-ism is like comparing drivers and alcohol. they are two different things. everyone is a driver… doesn’t mean they are being alcoholics about driving. the same goes for nudity. simple non-sexual nudity does not automatically mean we’re being sexual about it. The time has come where the media and TV networks to understand this and start learning the difference. Stop making yourselves look bad by doing articles titles like MTL Blog did for the GoTopless Day, “Tam Tams was invaded by Boobies” that just down…

Winter for Naturists: Or just being plain practical

Originally posted on Naturist Fab:
Christmas has come and gone and so has our exceptionally mild weather here in Nova Scotia it seems which had me thinking. How do naturists continue in colder climates? Personally speaking, we have to keep the wood stove well stocked at all times to keep the house warm as the forced air oil furnace heat is not enough. I refuse to wear clothes at home and for as long as humanly possible in the winter months. So am I being stubborn or stupid or both? At the moment I have started to sleep with a night shirt (no undies) and my cap (being bald I like to keep my head warm). I often wonder if there are any Eskimos who are Naturists? I will have to look into that. I think the sensible thing is to keep warm and be practical. No sense in getting sick just to be naked. So for all the naturists out there, let me know what you do during the winter months. To dress or…

Social Media Nudity (True Nudists of just exhibitionists?)

Originally posted on Naturist Fab:
I have followed a few blogs on Nudity/Naturism of late and found a few of the subjects interesting, especially concerning Social Media. I am on many Social Media sites; Twitter, Tumblr, True Nudists and Flickr. As a gay man, artist and Nudist I am not ashamed to say that the male form is more appealing to me. I am an open minded person and embrace the Nudist community in all its forms. One blogger had mentioned that most Social Media sites promote nudity as sexual and should have more content as to where photos are taken and give more insights on destinations that promote Clothing Optional places. Twitter is certainly the right venue for this depending on who you follow. I suppose the same could be said about Tumblr but I don’t follow Naturist sites so much as to see the male form in its natural state. I mean natural in the sense of non-arousal pictures. I have more of an issue with people that state that they are Nudists…

The Nude Artist

Originally posted on Naturist Fab:
Nudity in Art has been with us a very long time.   As far back from the Greek and Renaissance period, nudity has either portrayed the male or in most instances the female form. How is this portrayed in today’s history? Is nudity in art there just for the sake of it? Or, is there relevance to the nudity being portrayed? As an artist I can find beauty in many things. I have done male nudity if only for my private collection; to either be displayed in our bedroom but never to the general public. I have often questioned myself on why that is. Is it because some on the general non-art world community ready to see nudity in art? Would my art followers be ready and suddenly accept my work if they are not landscapes or seascapes? Just as they might not be ready to know that I paint in the nude. I am always in the nude (although it is getting more difficult as winter is starting to set…