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2014 Photoshoot examines contrary social representations of the black male body

PORTRAITS CHALLENGE REPRESENTATIONS OF THE BLACK MALE BODY (NSFW) You write that the black male body is “the most hated body in popular American culture and/or society.” Could you elaborate on the roots and consequences of this prejudice? “Pathology is something that many people feel is too over-talked to discuss—there is so much stigma around it (even in 2014!), but pathology is real because it is what many people navigate the world through. I think an excellent example comes from bell hooks’s essay “Eating The Other.” She talks about the pathology of the black male body and its relationship to primitiveness, slavery, labor and pain. She also links pathology to commercialism and how blackness is fetishized and hyper-eroticized in mainstream media. This creates a false idea of otherness; of black bodies being hypersexual, hyperviolent and hyperaggressive (she links hypersexuality to violence and primitiveness). There are many layers, and pathology’s relationship to athleticism and sports culture is a fascinating one. “As far as consequences go, there are too many. I think the reaction to Ferguson is …

Black (and Asian) Naturists, a mini-series, part 1: Fear of a whites-only grid

At least you can find the occasional great looking black skin’, wrote someone else, ‘try finding a skin that really does looking Asian!’ (Far eastern or Indian sub-continent wasn’t specified) I’ve also had contact from SL users who do run a black avatar with a common refrain that it used to be easier to find good, affordable black skins but that task has become ever more difficult. That made me think of another recent bit of recent research I did for SL Naturist, and the shock discovery that the mosques and Muslim/Arabic culture that used to exist in SL, apparently, has all but vanished. Is it a case of SL’s cultural diversity diminishing so that SL becomes a wholly white experience? Are we in danger of creating a virtual apartheid? Source: Black (and Asian) Naturists, a mini-series, part 1: Fear of a whites-only grid

Why do Blacks view Naturism as ‘so white’.

Originally posted on Naturism For People of Color:
This blog post is in response to this post here: Why is nudism portrayed as being so White? So as you can see in these pictures there are almost no black people in these pictures.  Why is that?  It is not because of racism on the part of whites, but on the part of Blacks.  Black America, for years, in an attempt to create their own culture, have designated every thing from clothes, to music, to even certain activities as for Blacks, or for Whites.  I can remember this going on ever since i was a child.  Country and rock music were designated as ‘for white people’, while Rap, Soul, and R&B were designated as ‘for black people’.  The stupidity doesn’t end there.  Riding bikes through the park: white people.  Bird watching: white people.  Skiing: most definitely for white people.  And finally Marlboro cigarettes: for white people. To do any of the aforementioned activities deemed you as ‘less black’, a Uncle Tom, or a Carlton Banks.  As…

Nudism: Black folks don’t do that, but I do

Nudism: Black folks don’t do that, but I do… Imagine…It’s a Saturday December morning I’m headed to LaGuardia to catch my flight and I miss it, the consequences of not getting enough sleep. I wait for the next flight to Maine. Finally, I arrive and a car service comes to take me to a cozy B&B where I am going to have my first nudist experience. It’s about a 40 minute drive from the airport and the driver, a nice man from Somalia, pulls into the drive way and out comes my beautiful friend Jasmine (yes, we have the same name) and Richard, just as naked as they day they were born. The driver then says, “Oh my God, is that real!”  

African americans and nude beaches?

I was having a conversation recently with another African American nudist about the the virtue of African Americans getting tanned in the sun. Conversation went something like this. THEM: I am dark enough already. ME: Don’t you want a full even color? THEM: Don’t the dark areas just get darker? ME: Good point Many white nudists relish the opportunity to get a deep dark all over tan at the nude beach or resort. But what is the draw for African Americans. Many of us don’t really go very far into the water since often African Americans, especially urban dwellers have not learned how to swim. Nor do we do many water activities that involve getting covered by water, (black women often try to keep their hair intact). Now I know these are generalizations, I am proof of that, I can swim, I lay out in the sun. But they are reasonable generalizations that beg the question what are the benefits of going to a nude beach or resort for African Americans. Maybe understanding this can …