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Deciphering clothes free Etiquette in Germany

How Do You Know When to Go Naked in Germany? The first thing we noticed was that — as hip and stylish as everyone claimed it would be — the pool was filled with people of all ages, adults and children, having a grand family-friendly time. The second thing was that everyone else — every single person — was wearing a bathing suit. There was no nudity to be found, except for the three completely bare Americans that were we. Somehow we misunderstood the simple Deutsch dictate, whereby it’s completely acceptable to swim naked outside, and saunas must only be visited nude, but when swimming at an indoor pool in a naked sauna, a bathing suit must always be worn. read more here

Skinny dipping at Lord Byng Pool

Wreck beach preservation society clothes free swim Skinny dipping at Lord Byng Pool The nude swim takes place every third Saturday at the pool, located at 3990 West 14th Ave. Appropriate behaviour is expected and swimmers have an opportunity to socialize at a nearby restaurant following the swim. – See more at: See more at:

Do it in the nude: public pools offer naked swimming

Do it in the nude: public pools offer naked swimming “It’s absolutely a positive thing that more public pools give the guests a choice. I would prefer bathing naked to wearing a swimsuit any time,” said Rasmussen, who’s experiencing a growing interest among both swimming clubs and pools to offer naturist swimming. He said the swimming events considering going clothing-free include family swimming, baby swimming, sauna and regular swimming. Would be nice if this was available more places

Review of Prairie Haven Nudist Park by YNA Kansas City

  Review of Prairie Haven Nudist Park by YNA Kansas City   Being new to naturism, we found it quite pleasing to realize that there were indeed a few naturist resorts within a couple of hours from us here in Kansas City. The first place we visited was Prairie Haven (PH) a small, 32-acre community located in Scranton, Kansas. It’s just south of Topeka and about an hour and a half from Kansas City, Missouri. After finding it by performing an Internet search for nude campgrounds (which is initially how we stumbled upon naturism), we quickly decided that it was worth the hour and a half trip to visit. We met a young couple, nudists by their telling, who had been to PH on numerous occasions and were willing to visit with us and show us around. This, later, would inevitably make us much more comfortable in our own skin.   Related articles   The anonymity of being naked in a crowd. ( Naturist Clubs in the Southwestern United States ( Uninhibited? (  

diving into nudism

Taking Splash as Nudist Noticeboards at UCPH are full of good and bad offers: travel, jobs, books, therapy etc. But one stands out with its promises of improved self-worth, happiness, self-awareness and social life, the Danish Naturist Association suggests going for a skinny dip. Now that has to be put to the test!   When Frederiksberg Swimming Baths closes, Sunday evening, the Danish Naturist Association is set loose. Every week, they have nude swimming on offer and everyone is invited. They only have one rule; no clothing is allowed. You can’t tell the difference between people here, and that makes for an entirely different forum in which to talk to each other. You end up looking at personalities,« says Helle, one of the people behind the initiative. I meet her in the mens’ changing room, which houses both genders for the occasion.  

Writer loses her body hang-ups to compete in the naturist Olympics

Anyone for breast stroke? Our writer loses her body hang-ups to compete in the naturist Olympics So I decide it’s time. But how best to do it? Drop it to the waist first? Bare my buttocks before anything else? A rush of adrenaline takes over as, in the end, I whip my towel off like a plaster. I’m naked! I feel exceedingly pleased with myself. My body feels like a suit of armour – my skin is doing the job my clothes used to do. And my body hang-ups have gone. In bikinis, I’m forever sucking in my stomach and rearranging my breasts, but naked, there’s nothing to rearrange. I suddenly feel much bolder and braver than I thought I would. Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook