Month: October 2014

hiking up the hills around Athens

Originally posted on Active Naturists:
After posting about our splendid hike at Mt Olympus, I probably shouldn’t call the activities I describe in this post ‘hikes’ – a ‘stroll’ may be a better word. Regardless, Athens has quite a few hills at its borders, and they provide magnificent views of the city and an easy escape into the wild-ish. Not many people seem to be aware of that, so it was easy for us to find trails where we could hike naked without “disturbing” anyone. Alsos Skopeftiriou hill at the eastern edge of Athens provides an immense panoramic view. It’s covered by a nice mix of trees, shrubs and grasses. It is nice to sit and relax there on a later autumn or an early spring day, which would be too cold for a beach but good enough to sunbathe there. There are lot of different flowers, some manage to thrive just in a crack in the rock! We weren’t the only ones enjoying those flowers though 🙂 Just in case you don’t like sitting in the grass, there’s a cozy rock that…

Naturistas em tempo de Halloween

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Naturistas comemoram o Halloween (Dia das Bruxas) em varias partes do mundo O Halloween  (Dia da Bruxas) é um evento tradicional e cultural, que ocorre principalmente em países de língua inglesa, mas com especial relevância nos Estados Unidos, Canadá, Irlanda e Reino Unido, sendo hoje comemorado em varias partes do mundo, mas comemora-lo nu e bem acompanhado é melhor ainda. O Halloween originou-se das celebrações dos antigos povos Celtas Veja Matéria completa aqui Equipe OS NATURISTAS

Psychological benefits of clothes free yoga

Clothes free yoga has healthy mental benefits Yoga: Everyone knows about it and many practice it on a regular basis. But naked yoga? As in, in the nude, no clothes, au naturel, exactly like you came into this world? Yep, that’s right. If this is the first you’ve ever heard of then keep on reading and discover why it is gaining so many enthusiasts all over the world. And the most amazing of it is that people are actually going to group classes to practice naked yoga, not just at home or when in nature. It started as a part of Indian yoga philosophy were members would undress themselves both physical and spiritually from all material possessions, sexual desires and anything physical of this world. Could there be anything more freeing than not having anything on you? Naked yoga then travelled to Europe through naturist movements in Germany and Switzerland and to North America in the 60’s taking a ride from the hippie movement. It has been depicted in several 1960’s and 70’s movies.;

Charting the rise of nude fitness

An interesting examination of the clothes free fitness trend in Australia A GLOBAL TREND WITH HISTORIC ROOTS While exercising in the nude is enjoying an international revival, the Greeks were happily competing in track, field and martial arts without clothes 2500 years ago. Historians seem divided on the actual reasons for the ancient clothes-free competitions. Some claim that rather than being the great leveller, having to compete nude separated the upper-classes from the working classes as the pampered rich were able to train more frequently and therefore look more ripped and have an all-over tan. Whatever the ancient Greeks’ reasons for nuding up, a wave of global sports enthusiasts are again embracing the idea of naked events and exercise. There have been nude bike rides in London; nude cross-fit classes attracted so much attention (both positive and negative) at a Danish gym, they had to be taken off the timetable; nude yoga classes are all the rage in New York, while across the US “nakations” (nude vacations) are growing in popularity

In support of Stephen Gough

Originally posted on Naked Diaries:
The last time I wrote about current events on this blog, the news was regarding Brian Taylor, former head of public relations of British Naturism and then chairman of the Spectrum Swimming Club for naturists (whose licence to use the public swimming pool has since been suspended). This time, the news is again bad for people who enjoy nudity. I mentioned Stephen Gough, also known as the Naked Rambler, in one of my earlier posts. I also wrote about the morality of nudism, concluding that nudism per se is amoral and that it’s the actions one takes while nude that one ought to judge. I have been reading various articles about Stephen Gough and about the number of times he’s been arrested for laws which are increasingly better tailored to “clothe” our society’s fears of nudity. His nudity has always been a victimless crime – victimless, unless you count him as being the victim of these laws. Let me make this much straight: I think Stephen Gough is irresponsible, he acts like a…

Beyond Labels Guest Blog Chris Farmer

It must be said that I object to being called any kind of -ist or that I practice any kind of -ism. I suppose that makes me an anti-Ismist. Your typical Ismist would, at this stage, proudly haul up the flag of Nudism or Naturism. He would declare is Nudism and tell the world he was a Nudist. If I were an Ismist, I should probably do the same, but I just cannot bring myself to do it. As it happens, I naturally incline to being naked whenever it is feasible – at home, at the beach, at a resort, in the sauna, elsewhere where it does not lead to gawking and arrest. Does this qualify me as a Nudist? Even though I am compelled to be dressed more than 90% of my life? I neither dress nor undress to redress a societal cause.