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Naked Fitness: Would you strip down to your birthday suit?

After reading about a CrossFit gym in Denmark that’s now offering a nude CrossFit workout session, I couldn’t help but think of all the things that could go wrong – a poorly thrown medicine ball, a barbell yanked up at the wrong angle… and all those jump rope double-unders – yikes! And truthfully, I don’t think naked CrossFit will catch on. CrossFit athletes add tape and guards to their hands, shins and forearms to help prevent injuries, so I think it’s impractical to strip down further. That said, naked workouts have been around for years, and they’re growing in popularity. Read more

Getting fit clothes free

“I always guessed it would be a shock for anyone who saw me hiking naked that first time a few years ago. When it did happen, I thought I’d picked a good spot. Out in the middle of the Yorkshire countryside, miles from the nearest town and marked trails. Still, the reaction wasn’t a negative one. The couple who passed me were long-time ramblers, and rather than look away they stopped, smiled (after giving me the once over) and after I offered to cover up, we had the most interesting chat. The couple, although not active nudists, were fascinated in my nude hiking and engaged in a long series of questions about how, why and when I got in to it? Like most nudists, I enjoyed the feeling of fresh air on my body. Being able to appreciate the countryside in my natural unclothed state was something that just felt right. The couple nodded enthusiastically and admitted that they were often naked in their garden during the summer and seeing me had inspired them to …

More on Munich Germany’s designated spaces for being clothes free

Nudity Goes Legal In Munich “Germans are often considered to be more at one with nature than us prudish Brits,” the Mail Online commented. Atlantic Cities reaches an interesting conclusion: “Allowing nude sunbathing in these six places, Munich is in many ways only acknowledging a practice that has gone on for years.” In fact, Germany has allowed nude beaches since 1920, and in Munich the Englischer Garten has been a place for people hanging out in the buff since the 1960s. Its “Beautiful Meadow” area, Schonfeldweise, is considered a must-visit for nudist tourists. Also a number of spots along some of the islands over the Isar River that runs through the city are public nudist refuges. read more  

Why Naked Women Don’t Have To Be Titillating

clothes free women shouldn’t be automatically sexy Why Naked Women Don’t Have To Be Titillating It should be obvious to a TV writer — and any other savvy consumer of pop culture and/or thinking human being — that there are reasons why a female character would appear naked onscreen that go beyond “titillation.” First of all, there’s a comedic aspect to nudity and as Girls is ostensibly a comedy, nakedness is often used this way. Think of the scene in season two where Hannah, high on cocaine for the first time, trades shirts with a total stranger in a club in the middle of the dance-floor. She then spends the rest of the night walking around braless, in a mesh top. It’s not gratuitous nudity, it’s meant to be funny — and it is. Of course, it’s possible that Molloy doesn’t find scenes like that particularly amusing, which is fine. But the fact that he can’t recognize that they’re meant to be humorous is perplexing, especially when plenty of male characters have used their nudity …