Month: January 2015

Ce n’est pas nous… c’est eux !

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Traduit librement pas votre bloggeur nu depuis le blog de l’AANR (Association Américaine des Loisirs Naturistes) : It’s Not Us…It’s Them | The Alltogether. On dit que vous ne comprenez vraiment quelqu’un que lorsque vous marchez un kilomètre dans ses chaussures. Cet adage semble très approprié lorsqu’il s’agit de ceux d’entre nous qui adoptent le mode de vie naturiste. Essayer d’expliquer à quelqu’un qui nous sommes et ce que nous faisons peut être une tâche intimidante. Certains d’entre nous ont été ouverts et honnêtes avec leurs parents et amis, et d’autres ont besoin d’être plus prudents, en essayant d’expliquer où ils passent le week-end ou où ils vivent. La vieille histoire sur la sensation ressentie en nageant nu est toujours un point de départ. Essayant d’expliquer qu’être un nudiste est plus qu’un sentiment enraciné dans le fait d’être simplement nu est difficile à faire. Et bien sûr, il y a toujours la sexualité qui entre dans la discussion. Il est toujours difficile d’expliquer que le mode de vie nudiste fait une…

Camping On Georgian Bay, Canada

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There are about two hundred and fifty thousand lakes in Ontario, and about one hundred thousand kilometres of rivers. If I could, I’d explore it all. In the southernmost part of the province, where most of the people live, the landscape has long been clear-cut, land-filled, and turned into pasture – and is now being swallowed up by suburbs and roads. But go north of the southernmost ten percent of Ontario, into the vast Canadian Shield, and small towns and cities sit like islands connected by bridges of asphalt amid an ocean of water, rock, and endless forest. At the very northwest edge of that southernmost, densely-populated part of Ontario begins Georgian Bay – the name of both the enormous bay itself, nearly the size of some of the Great Lakes, and the land immediately surrounding it. This part of Massasuga Provincial Park is a favourite area of mine to go camping and canoeing. While it can get very busy during the spring, summer, and fall on cottage- and fishing lakes,…


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What makes you so uncomfortable, About not wearing any clothes, We all know what’s beneath them, It’s society I suppose. Life is so much better, When you’re in the nude, I feel much more myself, When I have nothing on.


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I don’t know what’s gotten into me lately, but I can’t stop myself from walking around the house barefoot. In fact, just today I took out the trash with no shoes on and it’s negative three degrees Celsius out there! There’s something awesome about pushing my body to (my) extremes and see how it deals. This began when I decided I’d go barefoot around the house for a day, just to see how that would feel… Actually, this very idea started brewing in my head when I saw one of the videos on YouTube with Tim Minchin (whose work I started admiring when I stumbled upon his poem Storm, shortly after which I saw Matilda the Musical on Broadway and decided I still admired his work, which led me to the said YouTube video) performing on stage barefoot. I looked up if he ever said why he performed barefoot, and found that he has. The answer is quite simple – he likes it. I thought to myself that I like going…

The ironic absurdity of the fashion industry

Our society tends to think of clothes free folks as pervs and sex fiends. To protect “normal” people we are meant to be kept hidden away from view with our abnormal behavior. The perception of the body as purely sexual has been perpetuated to some degree by the fashion industry. Designers often use sex and the sexualization of the body to sell clothing. Case in point menswear designer Rick Owens showing at the recent Paris Fashion Week. For years the clothes free community has been trying to reduce the stigma male genitalia in full view when a man is clothes free. Now the designer has created a reinforcement of the sexualization make full frontal with his designs. See example below. By completely covering the model’s body except the genital area with clothes he bring the focus to the sexual organs. Furthermore they are presented in a peephole kind of way. It is ironic that it clothes are sexualizing the body not being clothes free. I am no prude but believe wholehearted that non sexual nudity …

Please stop appealing to nature

Originally posted on Naked Diaries:
One of the most common arguments for virtually anything today goes “it’s natural”. For a food, they say it has 100% natural ingredients and everybody assumes it’s healthy, just because it’s natural. In case of nudism, proponents say it’s natural, or that it brings them closer to nature (hence, I assume, the alternative name “naturism”). The scale on which this particular argument is used with just about anything makes me assume – the very moment I hear it – that everything that preceded it, and everything which follows, is absolute bollocks. Death is natural. Feeling any closer to nature? Poison is natural. Feeling any more confident about those 100% natural ingredients? Everything is natural. Appealing to the “naturalness” of something isn’t an argument in either its favor, or against it. In fact, when someone invokes an appeal to nature it makes me dubious because if “it’s natural” (like everything else) is all one has to say about a thing, then that thing doesn’t sound like it’s very interesting. Nudism is so much more…