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Artist’s Model Magic

CFL: How would you describe what you do: “Life modeling”, “nude art modeling” or something else?  RM: The funny thing is when people ask me, “What do you do” I often reply that I’m a life model. They acknowledge my answer with a confused look on their face and I realize that I have to clarify what being a life model means. So I try to stick with describing myself as an Artists’ Model now. CFL: How does a self-described all-American woman end up living and modeling clothes-free in the UK?  RM:I was in the UK for several years before I began modelling. I was studying there but it quickly became a second home to me. Even now I look forward to spending time on both sides of the Atlantic and I am due to be sitting for a wonderful sculptor in Southern France later this month. I still think of myself as American but I hope my future will be international. CFL: How did you get started as a model?  RM: You never forget …

Gorgeous “Un-Models” Bare It All

Gorgeous “Un-Models” Bare It All in The Nu Project [NSFW] As Kessler told us, “We love that there’s so much interest in [The Nu Project] — it seems to indicate that people are ready to see something different than has been presented before. People are ready to see women confident in their bodies, and see how they surround themselves, how they decorate where they live.” We couldn’t agree more. After the jump, check out ten of our favorite photographs (of many!) from The Nu Project, and then be sure to head on over to the official website to see more, or here to pre-order the book!

Invasion of the glamor shot aliens

In the the first Men in Black movie Will Smith’s character discovers that “all models are aliens.”  In the most recent MIB he tells us that those model aliens are from the planet Glamoria. We laugh because it is such a out of whack train of thought. Sure models are different but aliens nah! Still that seems to be the trend in thinking for a recent spate of criticisms flying through the online nudie community.  The criticism goes like this. Glamor shots regardless of whether they are indoor or outdoor are not naturist because they are staged and posed. They are not nudists because the models are all perfect looking “photoshopped beasties from the planet Glamoria.”They don’t represent real people with real bodies. This is a reoccurring problem faces by the nudist/naturist community trying to define itself in and either or way in a both and world. First it was criticism of self shot mirror pics and now the not so self shot glamor photos. Sure some “glamor” shots do not reflect the nudist/naturist ideals. For …

university president impresses art students

University President Poses Naked, Art Students Impressed From china smack Gather around and look! University president teaches class naked, the color drains from girls’ faces This event happened at Sun Yat Sen Arts and Sciences campus. It is the absolute truth, unadulterated, and not muddled. read more