Month: May 2016

a peek at “more than naked” by Doris Uhlich

Excerpt from 2015 performance of “more than naked” by Doris Uhlich Video Caption: “Pourquoi se déshabille-t-on sur scène ? Que peut dire un corps nu ? Que peuvent dire vingt corps nus ?” Le titre more than naked annonce la couleur : chair. Vingt danseurs et danseuses nus agitent, secouent, remuent, tâtent et palpent leur chair. La chorégraphe autrichienne Doris Uhlich, présente sur scène derrière les platines, questionne notre rapport au corps en s’émancipant du carcan des images, des symboles et des formats. Sans le sexualiser ni le réduire à un objet, more than naked présente le corps humain comme un matériau à la fois brut et réjouissant, offrant mille possibilités de recherche pour un tout autre imaginaire de la chair. A translation “Why does one undress on stage? What could a nude body say? What could twenty nude bodies say? The headline “more than naked” proclaims the color: flesh. Twenty nude dancers act, shake, move, feel and palpate their flesh. The Austrian choreographer Doris Uhlich presents on stage behind turntables, questions our relationship to the body by freeing it from the …

Naked Time is Summer Time: Five Answers to Your Concerns about Getting Naked this Summer

Originally posted on Clothing Optional Trips:
What’s the most comfortable bathing suit on the beach? No bathing suit! I’ve always loved summer time, but the older I get the more summer means getting naked and spending time with my wife outdoors. Honestly there is nothing better than feeling the sunshine on your skin and a warm breeze cooling your body. After 45 years, I can honestly say being naked outside on a warm or hot day is the best. Sound like something you and your spouse or special friend might want to try? There is no better time to be naked than summer time. Our blog is about encouraging couples to try social nudity. For my wife and me, we’ve found it to be a wonderful bonding point. We are not nudist. We live very normal lives in the suburbs. Most days were are getting our children off to school and working long hours at our jobs. We don’t stand around naked in the kitchen or garden in the backyard nude. We’re just like you. Except…

“more than naked” by Austrian choreographer Doris Uhlich , Israel Festival

Austrian choreographer Doris Uhlich presents “More Than Naked” at the Israel Festival. “Without the body, you cannot do anything. You cannot write an email or make a phone call. Everything starts from it. I’m able to deal and concentrate on the body as a point of departure, an archive of our biography and also of the world. The body is a storage system; we store the world in our body. It’s very complex to deal with our body. In More Than Naked, we shake our flesh. I always say that when I shake the flesh and the body, I shake the archive and the system. The body is a brain. When I shake it, I active and mobilize my system,” she says. For Uhlich, nudity is not a provocation or a show stopper, it’s a necessity. Read more: The Jerusalem Post  

spencer tunick: 10,000 people in bogotá and why

One June 5, 2016, 10,000 residents of Bogotá, Colombia will engage as nude subjects in a Spencer Tunick massive art installation. “Everyone is used to seeing nudity on HBO, on Game of Thrones, on the internet,” he explained. “But the body in art outside of a controlled environment is still very much a taboo.” Nonetheless, most participants have a very positive experience, he said. “It’s a very fulfilling process. When people are working with me, it’s something they haven’t seen before.” And as one might imagine, each of Tunick’s 10,000 Bogotá subjects will be bringing very different life experiences to the table. To channel that diversity, MAMBO has started a hashtag campaign #MeQuitoLaRopaPor or “I take off my clothes for” to find out why people would be willing to take off their clothes in the name of art. According to Tunick, there are a lot of reasons. “Some want to give power to their ability to make a difference, or to be free, or for the environment, or because they want to take away the sexuality …

Ghanaian star asks guys to stop sending her nude pictures

Budding talented dancehall artiste known in real life as Priscilla Opoku Kwarteng aka Ebony Reigns has pleaded with guys to stop sending her nude pictures. The unsung nominee told, she has pictures of guys flaunting different kinds of their manhood sent to her via social media platforms. According to her “I have received dozens of guys sending me nude pictures on my social media handles (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) the possibility of these pictures whenever I go on social media is 99%.” Read more: Ghana Web Editor’s Note: Observed that some of the comments blame her, stating that she is essentially “asking for it.” One comment literally tells her to “shut up.” Others instruct her to publish them. While blocking is absolutely an option, the victim-blaming and absence of any responsibility / accountability regarding the senders of the pictures cannot and should not be ignored. In addition, blocking individuals still does not change the greater issue of large groups thinking it’s OK to send these kinds of pictures.

Does social nudism/naturism need rebranding 

Does social nudism/naturism need rebranding? This week’s question comes from a conversation on Twitter about the focus of the two major naturist/nudist organizations. One individual tweeted “social nudism” is alive a well and practiced worldwide though it is less promoted in U.S. Which raises the question what is social nudism? Is it a label a description an activity. Does it provide an appealing means of engaging people for growth? Or does naturism/nudism need rebranding for a new era and more diverse demographic? As always share your thoughts in the comments and take the poll below.

vegan baked mac n cheese

Real talk: sometimes, I just want something comforting and delicious that won’t leave me feeling like I just ate a submarine. Recently, I was craving macaroni & cheese. Given my particular health needs, I wanted to do a vegan version. Thankfully, I was introduced to Brown Vegan, and through that website, I found an amazing vegan macaroni and cheese recipe that actually tasted like the bee’s knees. (OK, no, I haven’t actually tasted a bee’s knees, but you get what I mean. Who came up with that phrase, anyway? I mean, who was thinking about the knees of a bee? Do they have knees? I digress.) The Brown Vegan references the original recipe where she found this deliciousness, but I made most of the same adjustments she did. In addition, I opted to not use bread or Dijon mustard in my cooking adventure. What I loved about this recipe is that the sauce is actually made with vegetables, among other things, and came out super creamy and wonderfully savory. Without further ado, here is the pathway to this vegan comfort yum.

my clothes free life social network picking up steam the social network sister site to this one is now in pre launch phase. That means it is open to any one interested in membership. Things are beginning to pick up steam as site features are being finalized and early adopters are signing up. my clothes free life is a social network for people engaging or exploring clothes free living. Running under secure sockets protocol which means data passed from browsers to site is encrypted requires registration and approval to join the site providing a safe enjoyable community for both newbies and veterans of cloes free life. DM us on Twitter to request  an invite or visit to register. What's A new social network for safely exploring clothes free living — clothesfreelife (@Liveclothesfree) May 25, 2016