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Whom are you naked for?

Surprising question? Don’t be surprised. Just consider the question and think of a good answer. You have until the end of this post to come up with something good (but pay attention here!) Whom are you naked for? Here is that question again. I have found that many dedicated nudists still have some reserve about being naked in places where they can be seen. Of course being at a nude beach or in a naturist resort there is no problem. But tell me: would you drive your car naked? I would. I’ve done it many times already and I will keep doing it, unless it’s just too cold. Yes, there is the chance that people see me. I know that. There is also the chance that lightning strikes and kills me (although not on that particular day as it was at least 100F, which is quite insane for where I live). The thing is that I am naked for myself. Because I enjoy it. Also in my car, which I declare my personal, moving naturist …

The simplicity of being

Dear reader, Before you read on: sit back. Relax. Become aware of yourself, your body – be it dressed or clothes-free – and your surroundings. Being. How does it feel to just ‘be’? Like now, when you’re not doing very much apart from reading? Do you ever take the time to contemplate that? If not, take a moment now. If you want you can close your eyes and just ‘feel’. Experience who you are, where you are, and especially what you feel? If you are clothed, do you feel them? Clothes. Did you feel your clothes? If you did then why do you have them on? Is it cold where you are? If yes then I fully understand. Being cold is no fun. If no, then why are you wearing these clothes? Because it’s how it’s supposed to be? Because you own them? If you own your clothes then you should be their master. If you feel you have to wear them then your clothes are your master. The feeling of naked. I never feel I …

free to be free: my first topfree walk in the city

“I didn’t know if you would like to walk over here to us or if you would rather us come pick you up,” read my phone’s face. I knew exactly where they were parked: right in front of the studio where I practice and assist class. I also knew that 1) there were about 60 yoga people there, 2) that they were on lunch break for their weekend yoga teacher training session, and that 3) this would likely mean folks would be sprawled out on the sidewalk in a rainbow stew of spandex and lycra. All this is also in the same neighborhood as the place where I work. I texted Gingerbread back, “I can come to you.” In fact, I had already left my office and was just around the corner from meeting my new friends for my first ever topfree walk in the midst of clothed society.


Today marks a very special day. Today I pack a car and drive off to my first ever clothes free vacation. As it happens this turns out to be my one year clothes free life anniversary. A proper clothes free vacation, therefore, seems to be the perfect way to round out my first year of clothes free experiences.

Artist uses nude images to raise consciousness about race

Woman Poses Nude in the Middle of Wall Street Visual artist Nona Faustine, a Brooklyn native, has published a series of provocative photos to underscore New York’s role in the Transatlantic Slave Trade. The photo series, titled “White Shoes,” features Faustine posing nude on Wall Street, at City Hall, in a Brooklyn cemetery, and at various other New York landmarks where African slaves arrived, lived, and died in America. A graduate of NYU’s School of Visual Arts, Faustine cites enslaved African “model” Saartjie Baartman and black American photographer Carrie Mae Weems as major influences and inspirations for her “White Shoes” project. “Through self-portraiture,” Faustine explains, “I explore issues about the black body within photography and history.“   read more from Complex see photos in the “white shoes series”

creating my clothes free life

 From time to time, I come across discussions about what to do with young people when it comes to naturism? How do we keep it from dying with older age groups that seem to be most heavily involved? Is the end of naturism upon us? What to do? I have no magic answers for these big questions, and I won’t speak on behalf of all young people. I can only say that these discussions prompted me to take some time and reflect on my first year of clothes free life. 

making time to be clothes free in the sun

I’m glad that Daniel Vitalis put out this NakedSunTime Challenge for summer. At first I thought, there is no way for me to make this work. But my body and spirit forced me to find a way to get clothes free sun time in my environment as it stands. Today, I snatched up an opportunity during Monday afternoon hours at the office. I have been dealing with a lot of different things on my heart, and today, after going to a clothed yoga class at a studio I found myself very jittery. My heart was racing, and I had a lot on my mind. A recent experience of one of my best friends came to my mind, how he talked about loving the sun and how much it lifted his spirit. “That’s exactly what I need,” I said to myself. Time to make it happen.

Sunny Options: Public Debut (with my mom!)

Early Wednesday morning, my mom, her friend and I made a mad dash down to Austin, Texas to visit Hippie Hollow Clothing Optional Nudist Park at Lake Travis. During phone conversations weeks prior, I told my mom that I was eager to take my first steps out into the open around other clothes free people. Much of my desire came from wanting to have a true, wholesome in-person experience with other clothes free folks. My introduction to clothes free life was through Instagram, flowering from the seed of a clothes free yoga challenge. However, the internet being it’s own planet of crazy, I couldn’t really tell who the true clothes free lifers were, and who was just looking for a good time. I had seen many suggestive comments even from those who claimed to be straight up, so I wanted to know what the real deal was outside of that environment. People said in-person at the right places would be different; I had to see for myself. Originally, the plan was for my mom and her friend …