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Nakedness beyond the physical

How to be Naked True nakedness has nothing to do with sex. It’s funny that for as many headlines as we have about how to be better in bed or how to have more orgasms, there are shockingly few that encourage us to open up, to risk our hearts, to be truly naked. I love sex; it’s an amazing part of being alive. It’s a fleeting thing, in the best, melting ice cream cone, passing spring rain shower sort of way. To connect with another human being over pleasure like that is delicious—I’d never argue otherwise. But I know many people who will take off their clothes, and yet are afraid to be naked. There are many people who are willing to connect physically, yet never let anyone truly know them. There are people for whom sex is just one more way to disconnect, instead of becoming intimate in any kind of genuine way. What happened? Where is this coming from? American culture is so sexually focused—either flaunting it or condemning it—yet there is this …

clothes free meditation rationale and technique

NUDE MEDITATION We spend a tremendous amount of time and energy maintaining the ego. The ego, as I am using it, represents the self that we are currently embodying. For instance, I am not Patrick. I am a divine eternal Spirit that is currently manifesting as Patrick. Patrick is my ego. I have no problems with Patrick, I thoroughly enjoy playing the role. But for me to feel as though Patrick is all I am would be flawed. Being nude is taking it back to the first step. Nude is how we all come into the world. All incarnations on the entire planet start out nude. There is nothing shameful about it. It is simply the Tao; the way things are. Nude meditation takes it all back to the first moment when you are still in direct communion with Spirit. There is no Armani suit to strengthen the self esteem. There is no shoe collection showing what a fantastic sense of fashion you have. It’s just you and Spirit. Which, essentially, is where you always …

Pastor Says Christian Church Needs To Rethink Approach To The Body

Embracing Nakedness: Adopting God’s View of Bare Anatomy The bottom line is this: a prudish view of the body is a pornographic one. (Tweet this!) Religiously placing an obscene or indecent sexual connotation on the sight of gender-distinguishing body parts creates a sexually objectified body. Such legalism, if socially embraced, becomes the conceptual foundation for a pornographic culture, as ours is now. Also, this objectification trivializes the body language of human genitalia, allowing them to be ignored as features of personal gender identity and distinction. Take some time to do the math on this, and it should cause tears. read more

Clothes Free Yoga Blessings

Sometimes my clothes free yoga session is the only time I allow myself to be human, even animal. Everything falls away when I sink into my naked body and breath. I am naked from fear, comparison, self-doubt, judgment and so many other distractions. It’s not that I don’t have them. Rather, I am naked before them, and somehow that gives the power to move beyond them. When I am able to tap into a simple connection to body and breath with nothing else on my skin and things on my mind lifting out, it’s a truly healing touch of love. Clothes free yoga is a true gift. Also, join us March 15-30 during the yoga challenge. Journey just as you are, and the gifts will blossom naturally.

What I Learned From Teaching…Naked. | elephant journal

The space inside of us that houses our ability to accept is that same place that holds our pure love, our compassion, our courage and our ability to approach each moment outside the confines of our metaphorical clothes—that which restricts us. To be honest, I feel more naked out in public fully clothed than I felt in that yoga room; I didn’t feel naked, I simply felt myself. Even though most of my weekly classes require me to teach with clothes on, I now know how it feels to show up to a place exactly how I am—completely free in my own expression of self…every stitch of me, even the shredded bits. Read more at Elephant Journal

Confessions of a clothes free yogi

I  practiced yoga for over a decade. It was a way to bring healing to my body from long term injuries and existing conditions. There were two unexpected benefits. First greater body awareness and second a deeper spiritual awareness. The new positive perception of my body  I experienced when I practiced yoga got me thinking differently about my body in general. I came to accept that my body was not inherently bad.  I began to understand that we cover ourselves with clothes most of the time in modern society because we have such a negative image of the body. We cover it with all manner of dressing to try to make it acceptable by socially determined standards of beauty. Clothes free yoga helped me to accept my body as something wonderful even when I was not very fit or healthy. It was clothes free yoga that actually lead me to explore clothes free living. After I started practicing yoga without clothes I was intrigued by the freedom and natural feeling I experienced. So I started to spend more time …

Spiritual and clothes free

Naturism and Being Honest With Self and God Going without clothing is not about exhibitionism, at least when there is no one around and very little likelihood that anyone would appear on this long abandoned trail. Just in case, I did have a pair of pants as a cover-up if I was to see a farmer out seeding his new crop. Being alone on the back-country prairie hills, I have no intention of creating drama within my home area. Going without clothes is, for me, something very spiritual in nature. On the trail there is just mother nature, father sky and myself. This becomes my church, my place to be honest with myself and my creator. No cover-up, no lies. read more from Through a Naturist Lens