Month: August 2016

Live (Top)Free or Die: roses and thorns from New Hampshire

Originally posted on breastsarehealthy:
Weir’s Beach, Laconia, New Hampshire, Summer 2016. New Hampshire has been debating topfreedom for more than a year, but after one court ruling and two legislative debates falling in favor of allowing female bare-chestedness, more and more women have been doing so. New Hampshire’s state motto is, “Live Free or Die,” which was taken from a toast made by a Revolutionary Army General named John Stark.  (The phrase was used widely in the French Revolution prior to that, according to Wikipedia.) The motto has created a lot of irony over the years, as New Hampshire has continually been a cultural battleground between traditional, fiercely independent isolationists and the waves of transplants that vacation and retire there from the more urban areas to its south. New Hampshire is also virtually entirely white in population, (94% white, 2% Asian-American, 1% African-American), and there can exists a palpable lack of nuance in their statewide conversations about racial equality.  Likewise with regards to gender equality, the state’s 400+ member “citizen legislature” will sometimes pass or…

All the Spirited Nudes, in Edinburgh

Originally posted on Spirited Bodies:
FAO Esther: an email arrived from Scotland on 22nd July. All The Young Nudes wondered if I might be about in Edinburgh in August, to hold an event with them for the festival. We hadn’t been thinking of it but it was within the scope of my schedule and I didn’t hesitate to book it in. It had been 3 years since my last trip there, with Lucy and Thelma. We had done 3 events across Glasgow (with ATYN) and Edinburgh (with Edinburgh Drawing School at Marchmont St Giles parish church centre, and at Arts Complex, St Margaret’s House). At the end of the evening, Steve and I clearing away. Taken by a model The event would be held at Studio 24, an alternative nightclub in the heart of the city, and a festival venue. Joanna, director of ATYN, reckoned we could comfortably fit about 10 models in the space. Last time we’d collaborated and I’d put a call out, just 3 models had come forward and all were professional.…

wow: i’m here, i’m me

August 19-21, 2016 I found myself running around the hills and trees of Camp Ramblewood stark naked during Field Festival 2016. I was one of very few women who had opted to go nude at this clothing optional event. What’s more is that I was the only black woman who chose to bare much of anything. Black women wore the most clothing of all women present at that festival, even as other women of color experimented with going bare chested or completely nude. I find nothing wrong with one choosing to wear clothes. I believe that we all should have the right to choose how much or how little we want to wear and to be respected. And I should also note that I did not poll the women at the festival to ask them why they chose to wear what they wore. In fact, many people took this festival as an opportunity to use clothing etc. to express themselves in ways they might not normally get to do in la vie quotidienne. However, this …

Celebrating Togetherness Authentically — Naturist Lens

Peeling away the layers to find the authentic self. I spoke the last day about censorship and how we censor ourselves in order to protect ourselves, or at least that is what we believe for the most part regardless of whether the perceived threats are real or a construct arising out of our fear. Naturists… via Celebrating Togetherness Authentically — Naturist Lens

Book Review of Aglow by Will Forest — Naturist Lens

Cover of Will Forest’s latest book, Aglow. I’ve just finished reading Will Forest’s second naturist novel, Aglow. Having enjoyed his first naturist novel, Coed Naked Philosophy, I was anxious to begin reading with high expectations. I wasn’t disappointed. I was, however, surprised. As a person who views life through a worldview that includes Jungian psychology,… via Book Review of Aglow by Will Forest — Naturist Lens

A Self-Respecting Naked Buddhist — Naturist Lens

Buddha on the journey to enlightenment. Yes, Buddha, or should I say Siddhartha Gautama, would have looked like this not long after he began his journey to enlightenment. Like all those before him, that journey was marked by being skyclad, by meditation, and by deprivation. Today, Sadhu Nagas still continue this practice. Somewhere between then… via A Self-Respecting Naked Buddhist — Naturist Lens