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kerry mansfield “aftermath” photography project – journey through breast cancer

In the project “Aftermath” photographer Kerry Mansfield documents her journey through breast cancer. Series description from LensCulture: “In the series Aftermath, San Francisco-based photographer Kerry Mansfield courageously documented her two-year journey through breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and reconstructive surgery. “Mansfield was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 31 and soon learned that women in their 30s are the fastest growing group of people with breast cancer in the United States. Shocked to be facing this unexpected and frightening disease, Mansfield searched for information about what her immediate future would look like and found that the photographic documentation she was looking for didn’t exist. It was this absence that inspired the series that would become Aftermath. “Mansfield’s intention was to not only help guide herself through the harrowing journey, but to create a direct, visual record of her experience so that others could better understand what it means to battle breast cancer. “As Mansfield writes in her original artist’s statement: “‘It was in that spirit of unknown endings that I picked up my camera to …

The Best and Worst Sunscreens For 2016 — Young Naturists and Young Nudists America

Young Naturists And Nudists America YNA EWG Report: The Best & Worst Sunscreens for 2016 The Environmental Working Group (EWG) is a nonprofit organization that raises public awareness about the toxins in our environment and in the everyday products we consume. They basically try to fill in a major informational gap left by the Food… via The Best and Worst Sunscreens For 2016 — Young Naturists and Young Nudists America

when wisdom comes

I have a secret spot that hovers above a very busy intersection. At any time of day, angry horns, voices and ambulances rage the lanes, employing a variety of sounds and swears in various languages. Planes stream by every 5-10 minutes. And yet, despite the fact that I am normally not able to sleep (no matter how much I work out or what I do or do not eat), I can fall asleep in my secret spot clothes free outside with no problem, despite the noises. Something about the fresh air coursing through my body and enveloping my entire being puts me at ease. It gives me peace. My first great revelation to this came last summer when I first went clothes free camping. Reading, writing, doing yoga, eating, cooking, walking and sleeping all day long not only taught me what it felt like to be free, but it connected me to what truth feels like in my body. What has since come alive for me is what I’d dare to stand for or in my everyday life. I’m daring to question all the things …

Even taking skin-cancer risk into account, scientists say the sun is healthy

How sunshine cuts blood pressure – and makes you thinner! New research reveals benefits that AREN’T linked to vitamin D LACK OF SUN AS BAD AS SMOKING A major clue about sunshine’s benefits has emerged from a study of nearly 30,000 Swedish women whose sunbathing habits have been followed for 20 years. In March investigators, from the world-renowned Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, concluded that avoiding the sun is actually as bad for you as smoking. The study, in the Journal of Internal Medicine, found that 1.5 women in 100 who reported they had the highest exposure to ultraviolet light (by sunbathing up to once a day) were found to have died during the two decades, compared with three in 100 for women who said they had avoided sunbathing. The avid sunbathers had a significantly lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease and other conditions that were not related to cancer, the research explains. Dr Pelle Lindqvist, the epidemiologist who led the study, says the research also found that: ‘Non-smokers who avoided the sun had a …

“veggans”? do we really need an eggsemption to get protein

Vegetarian – consisting wholly of vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, and sometimes eggs or dairy products Vegan – a person who does not eat any food that comes from animals and who often also does not use animal products Merriam-Webster Dictionary I recently discovered this article “Vegganism: Why Some Vegans Eat Eggs”. and was a little disturbed by the content and the idea that seems absurd to me of “veggans”. Apparently there are people who call themselves “veggans” (not a misspelling of vegan). These are folks who say they eat vegan, but still incorporate eggs into their diet. When I read this article, I was floored. I had to stop and think for a minute because in my understanding of veganism, vegans don’t eat eggs. I’ve been vegan going on three years now and I haven’t eaten a single egg. I believe the proper term for people who eat eggs and no other meat, is “vegetarian”. I am highly favorable of CNN and their website, especially the opinion and health sections. So I read further. I probably should’ve started with …

meatless monday protein pancakes

I recently discovered this article “Vegganism: Why Some Vegans Eat Eggs”. and was a little disturbed by the content and the idea that seems absurd to me of “veggans”. Apparently there are people who call themselves “veggans” (not a misspelling of vegan). These are folks who say they eat vegan, but still incorporate eggs into their diet. One reason given for eating eggs was protein. There are so many plant based proteins, read about them and my reponse to the article which inspired today’s meatless, eggless, protein packed recipe.

Meatless Monday: Beefless Chili, Benefits of Tea

I’m not sure where you live, but I live in Texas. It is getting rather warm here, actually it’s hot here. The high today will be 82 degrees. You may be wondering why I am posting a chili recipe if it’s so hot here. Well, in Texas, chili can be eaten anytime, whether it’s snowing in North Texas, or blazing down here in the south. This recipe was made right before I went to a family gathering. I don’t remember what it was for, but I do remember that they loved the chili. This chili was made on a whim, meaning I had never made it before, nor did I know what I was doing or how it was going to turn out. I have to say, I put my foot in that chili, figuratively of course. Here’s the recipe and directions: Benefits of Tea I am an avid tea drinker, drinking tea every single day. I have never been a coffee person, mainly because coffee makes your breath stink and because caffeine has the …

being in the question

Once upon a conversation with a dear friend, Isis Phoenix, we were sharing on the benefits of clothes free yoga for each of us. In that conversation, I remember her telling me that one of the benefits of clothes free yoga for her was that she could became comfortable with being in the question. At the time, I thought the phrase quite eloquent, though I couldn’t yet feel it in my bones. Recently, however, this phrase has landed in my body through my journey of healing.

Report reinforces benefits of sleeping clothes free

Sleeping Naked Does The Body Good! This is great news for all us free spirits! It’s science! Sleeping in the nude does a body good. It can actually lead to a better sex life. Naked skin + naked skin = more sexy time! Skin to skin contact releases more oxytocin, which is also known as the “cuddle hormone”. It’s what give you those warm fuzzies for your significant other. Sleeping in the buff can also lead to better sleep. Without pajamas or underwear, there are no restrictions between the sheets. The lack of chaffing or entanglement between the sheets means there are less distractions when you lay your head down. It can lead to a much deeper sleep. Source: 103.7 KVIL