Month: April 2012

“7 habits of highly successful single male nudists”

Originally posted on Naturist Review:
The woe of a single male nudist. “Unfortunately single men, new to nudism, are often viewed with suspicion by the nudist establishment. Single men looking for a first time social nudity experiences often discover that they are turned away by some resorts and clubs due to restrictive quota systems or even downright discrimination.” “7 habits of highly successful single male nudists”

original blogs coming

Being a fledgling (6 years) home nudist I did not feel particularly qualified to write anything original about nudism.So I kept my blogging to reblogs of others posts and pictures.. But recent blog posts i have read have convinced me otherwise. So I will be blogging more about my experience as a home (clothes free)  nudist (in a family that does not support) as well as responding to issues that I come across as a nudist blogger. For my families privacy I won’t post any pictures of my nudist journey here but I have created another blog for that which I will share when it is ready.

Journey of a Nudist: Private Parts

I have a sort of ‘thought of the day’ to share regarding what we think of private parts. As a nudist, I’m used to the common idea that a nude human body isn’t sexual unless used as such, or more realistically until someone opens their legs. I’ve become used to censoring certain images that may be labelled as naturist photos, but depict women with spread legs or show a clear view of the labia because these are undeniably sexual photos…or so I thought until recently via Journey of a Nudist: Private Parts.