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Buying Naked Review

TLC special Buying  Naked aired November 20 at 10p.m. Eastern. The show featured real estate agent Jackie Youngblood showing two newlywed couples around homes to fit their clothes free lifestyle. Here are some thoughts I shared live with tweeps by way of a review.  I give Buying Naked a thumbs up mainly for the depiction of everyday ordinary people living clothes free life just like everyone else.  They showed the pools and workout rooms and recreation and dining facilities at clothes free resort communities in Pasco County Florida. There were lots of strategically places objects but no pixelization. This is unlike the Discovery Channel show Naked and Afraid which had much pixelization. One twitter follower @odie1077 commented “I see that scenes of full backsides made it to air.” One feature of the show was a pop up of nudist rules. Some made sense other were just common sense not specific to clothes free living.  Here are a few Nudist greet with handshake not hugs. I wonder if that is true Nudists like privacy. You think? Clothes …

HBO’s Girls – Bad on diversity wrong for nudism

Author’s note: A recent heated exchange con twitter prompted this post. be forewarned if you don’t want your view of race and diversity challenged move on don’t continue reading. If you want the tried and true status quo “progressive” view on nudism things stop reading now and explore and enjoy the rest of this site.  Rant warning complete.  The Golden Globe award winning hit show on HBO, Girls has been criticized in many quarters for its lack of diversity. The show based in NYC had no character interactions between the main characters and any people of color. This in New York City possibly the  most diverse city on the planet maybe with the exception of Toronto, Canada. The show has also been highlighted for its regular instances of nudity. The creator, writer, director, and star of the show has stated in interviews that she is not at all uncomfortable being nude. Some nudist have hit upon this as a way to champion the cause of the clothesfree lifestyle.