Month: May 2014

Bright Blue Skies at Vera Playa!

Meandering Naturists After reading about it for years, we finally made it to Vera Playa on the Andalusia Coast of Spain. I’ll admit it, I had my doubts, assuming that this may well be the Spanish equivalent of Cap d’Agde, the (in)famous “naked city” in the South of France that, in my humble opinion, falls far short of Europe’s best naturist destination. Turns out that Vera Playa is almost nothing like Cap d’Adge, except for the fact that it is a stand-alone municipality where you can walk down the neighborhood streets in your birthday suit, and to most of the locals, it will seem like business as usual. That is, unless you walk all the way across town and go into the grocery store. Seems that will turn a few heads, and most likely, get you thrown out of the market. (A significant difference from Cap d’Agde where the boundaries of the View original post 1,290 more words

La nuda libertà

Originally posted on Essere Nudo:
Da un punto di vista puramente pratico, non si può negare che in parecchie situazioni, temperatura permettendo, la nudità è assai più comoda dei vestiti: fare il bagno nudi, prendere il sole nudi, fare una passeggiata nella natura nudi… In tutti questi casi la nudità ci regala una sensazione di benessere e di grande libertà, che non possiamo neppure immaginare se indossiamo i vestiti. Certo, i vestiti ci permettono di proteggerci dal freddo o dal pericolo di ferirci quando svolgiamo certe attività, ma è inevitabile constatare che spesso l’essere abbigliati non è che il frutto della consuetudine e delle cosiddette convenzioni sociali e morali, che ci impongono i vestiti anche quando la loro presenza intorno al nostro corpo risulta superflua o addirittura controproducente. In piena estate, ad esempio, il nostro corpo è in grado di termoregolarsi molto meglio quando siamo nudi, senza contare che indossare un costume da bagno non è in grado di proteggere da nulla. In verità, sono purtroppo ancora vive nella società certe opinioni retrograde e ipocritamente…

NIFTY Swim Location Change!!

Originally posted on Welcome to Wreck Beach!:
Tomorrow May 31(Sat.) This time only @Load Byig Pool Time: May 31(Sat.), 7:30pm – 10:00pm Where: Lord Byng Pool, 3990 West 14th Avenue, Vancouver (Same as Wreck Beach Swim Night) ? This is Clothing-Optional Swim! $8.00 per person, $4.00 (students and low income people). Children (18 years & younger) are admitted free when accompanied by their parents.

Exploring the need to be clothes free

Camping in the city Opening the door to the house and stepping outside of that safe zone can often present problems for both the naturist and others who are averse to seeing other humans naked. Why is there something stirring within that prods one to take such risks. I took such a risk as we camped in the middle of a city, surrounded by many others in their camping trailers, as the image illustrates. Why? I needed some time clothing free. In my mind, the enclosure allowed me to be nude without having to deal with others being offended. Yet, I could have stayed within the camping trailer. What is it that is at work here? read more at Through a Naturist Lens

Introduction to clothes free yoga in Orlando FL

Clothes stay on at this intro to nude yoga A blog item I did a few months ago that mentioned a local nude-yoga group proved popular, and the instructor is now offering a meet-and-greet for those who want to learn more without going au naturel. NuReveal yoga instructor Luna Phoenix will be at the Knowledge for Spiritual Living Center from 2-4 p.m. Saturday, May 31, at 729 N. Thornton Ave., Orlando. She will discuss her yoga background and answer questions. read more from Orlando Sentinel

And the 2014 winner is

The winner of the 2014 Clothes Free Life Poetry Contest is THE CLOTHES LINE BY MIKE G.  Honorable mention goes to Ella for her poem which though it received many votes unfortunately could not be included for the final prize because it was received after the submission deadline. 

Cleaning in the Nude

Originally posted on Vadimage Blog:
Spring has come, time to do some cleaning. I personally feel great, when I have an opportunity to work in my birthday suit. I used to think that (almost) everything we do can be done in the nude. Nevertheless, I’ve decided to make a small investigation and discovered that: “Many witches like to work in the nude, for the subtle energies of the body are more free without cloth to restrict them” [1]. “Apparently (and historically accurate), working nude in the day of Jesus was quite common. Men in the fields were known to work nude. Carpenters worked nude on hot days… to see a man or a gardener working in the garden without clothes was not uncommon or shocking” [2]. Ritual nudity has been explained with a variety of provenances, including Celtic practices, the Mysteries of Isis and Osiris, ancient Greek and Roman practices of working nude or in ‘loose flowing garments’” [3]. “The Bible records that Peter was working nude at fishing” [4]. “Working nude has some virtues. So much of our artificial social…