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Felicity Jones: Nudist Club Photography Policies: Is It Time To Change?

Felicity Jones of Young Naturists America on balancing privacy, respect and consent at clothes free venues with regard to photography policies.   “…I think it’s time we start to move beyond the overly-cautious, paranoid approach of the 20th century and allow nudism to be more easily documented in the digital age. We can emphasize privacy, respect and consent while still letting people have fun and without turning nudism into a secret, hidden activity.” Read her full post here: Side note from hontouniheart: Reflecting on my own experience, I was most certainly concerned by the possibility of people taking photos of me, or being caught in photos without my consent. Last year was a lot of firsts for me during year 1 of my clothes free life, and I wasn’t really sure what to expect or whom to trust. I didn’t even really trust the approved photographers who were there to document the event. However, I will say, that because those were my first experiences, I really wanted to document them for myself, for my own records …

Black eye for naturism and naturist resorts?

Lupin Lodge Nudist Resort Exploits Workers The class action lawsuit filed Friday in Santa Clara County Superior Court has identified at least 35 others who worked under similar conditions. It demands a jury trial, injunctive relief, back pay and compensation for legal fees. The Stouts, who also face felony water theft charges in criminal court, have yet to return requests for comment. San Jose Inside reported on the illegal living and work conditions at Lupin in July, which prompted some of the residents to seek legal help. The resort has been sued in the past for violating labor laws. “This is one of the worst cases I’ve ever seen,” McClellan’s lawyer Amy Carlson says. “It’s horrible … these people are stuck, they have no money, nothing for a deposit to move anywhere else, and they’re afraid to say anything because they don’t want to be homeless. To me, that is human trafficking.” Read full article

Clothes free club members don’t want rooms with a view

The bare cheek! Nudist club members complain about being spied on while playing tennis There are no prickly bushes to hide behind to conceal their nakedness from people spying on them from the high-rise block at Warlingham, Surrey Nudists bouncing about as they lob the ball over the net in a game of tennis on the White House Club’s courts will be particularly visible from the top floors of the flats proposed for a nearby road. The 300 members regularly relax in their birthday suits, enjoying the leafy grounds of their five-acre paradise. < p style=”font-weight:bold;”>Read the full article 

Student goes socially clothes free for two weeks  for a thesis

6 Things I Learned While Being Naked In Public for 2 Weeks Instead, I had chosen to conduct my research on a non-sexual, social nudist community in order to fill the gaping holes in academia where nudism is concerned. After months of careful research and maneuvering away from the less tasteful nudist communities around the United States, I found a perfect place to conduct my research. Toadally Natural Garden is a long way away from my home in California. This organic, 32 acre farm outside of Hartford, Wisconsin, is owned by Paul and Jane, a lovely couple and long time members of True Nudists (link NSFW) and The Naturist Society. They opened their farm to the public four years ago with the wish to share their beliefs on love, acceptance and natural living with other like-minded people. For some of my more skeptical readers, I feel it is necessary here to say that places like Toadally Natural Garden have a zero tolerance policy for sexual behavior or contact. This is a place for living and …

YNA reviews Coventry Club in Vermont

The resort is in the countryside, surrounded by farm land and built right on an 88 acre lake called Long Pond. It’s the oldest nudist club in Vermont and was established in 1956 by a French Canadian named George Fletcher (who passed away in 2010). He called it Forest City Lodge. The current resort owners, Bill and Susan, bought it from the Fletcher family in the year 2000 and renamed it Coventry Club & Resort. We met the two of them upon arrival Friday evening. Susan is an affable woman with an expressive face and a boisterous laugh. Her husband Bill is more reserved and has a strong New England accent. They were both very nice and welcoming. You can camp for $12.50 / night but this time we rented a cabin. We got the key and followed Bill on his golf cart through the gate and down to our cabin where we parked. Then we hopped on his golf cart for a short tour of the grounds. He showed us their clubhouse which could …

Nudist resort offers free holiday admission to troops, vets

Super awesome. From Army Times ( The annual runup to Memorial Day, the holiday that honors the service and sacrifice of America’s armed forces, is traditionally accompanied by a wave of special offers for troops and veterans. Most are quite mainstream — freebies or discounts on restaurant meals, amusement park tickets, store merchandise and the like. But an outfit in Scranton, Kan., just south of Topeka, seeks to honor troops and veterans in a rather unusual way — it’s a nudist colony that is waiving all admission fees over the three-day holiday weekend to any guest who shows a military ID card or proof of military service.

Your own clothes free place in the sun

 if you ever thought to yourself if I owned a clothes free resort/camp… Well now you have a chance!  SunRidge Nudist resort in Connecticut is for sale.  Located in Eastern Connecticut, near the Massachusetts and Rhode Island borders, Sun Ridge Nudist Resort is a clean and scenic facility that is one of the top So reach out to current owners and contact them for your opportunity.  Twitter @SunridgeRichard Phone 860 779 1512

Vritomartis resort adds renovations and new services for 2015 season open

Vritomartis Naturist Resort Announces New Renovations with Improved Services and Quality The clothes free/naturist resort located in Crete Greece, has announced renovations for the opening 2015 season in a press release.  This last year, recent renovations took place in public areas such as the pool bar, restaurant and the reception area. Smaller renovations also took place in other areas to offer modern, beautiful, relaxing and eye-appealing accommodations.. Other changes include enhancements to the buffet food service, improved public areas and a blog where visitors can share their experiences and learn about the experiences of others.     Also, upon viewing our blog you can receive information about our contests, exciting activities and unforgettable excursions. If you are curious to know more about our trips, photos can be viewed here as well. We encourage our visitors to actively participate in our blog. Comments and reviews can be shared as well as videos and photos etc. of your activities, trips and excursions during your stay at Vritomartis. Visit the Vritomartis site to read more about all the changes …

Washington State Naturist Campground rebrands

Nudist camp rebrands with new name, logo The Tiger Mountain camp officially changes its name when the park opens for the summer season May 1. An opening season party will mark the day. Later in the summer, The Naked Spring Thing (“a groovy, funky, jazzy, naked kind of thing,”) takes place June 13. Replacing Visitors’ Day, the annual Bare Buns Fun Run is part of a three-day celebration July 10-12. Having already set the world record for the largest group skinny dip, the park will nevertheless have a large-scale nude swim July 11. The annual Nudestock (live bands and food) event is Aug. 28-30. read more about renaming of Tiger Mountain