Clothes free Yoga Challenge

Welcome to the clothes free yoga challenge. 

JUST BE #clothesfreeyoga challenge hosted by guided by @hontouniheart & @homeclothesfree

This challenge will invite you into the opportunity to learn to just BE through the practice of yoga. To just BE connected to YOUR BODY to just BE calm in YOUR MIND and just BE centered in YOUR LIFE.

Starting March 15 a just BE phrase and example pose will be posted  by your guides on Take a photo of yourself that expresses what that Just BE thought means for you. 

Submissions : Participants can post photos at our clothes free yoga group on Flickr (please request invite as this is a private group) or submit photos to You can also post a comment on each day’s theme with a link to your pose image on IG. Please  include the following information with your email submission

  1. Your name as you would like it to appear (can be anonymous or a pseudonym).
  2. Details: Pose (yours and/or photo’s), age, photo title, link to your website, Twitter IG, etc.
  3. Reflections  on the daily theme and pose

 **Please note, No photos will be accepted from individuals under the age of 18. Photos must be clothes free and not just topless. No third party photos are accepted, the photo must be of you the submitterBy submitting photos, you are giving Clothes Free Life permission to post your images and/or likeness on this web site. You will be contacted for permission before any additional usage occurs, including on social media like Twitter, and other media. Please contact us with any questions.

Reflections and  thoughts can be a few lines to a paragraph. The reflections can be about the experience of taking the photo, where you were, what it makes you think of or feel. It can be about difficult times, or it can be inspirational. Whatever the pose means to you.



  1. Unfortunately I will have to withdraw from the challenge. Seems Old Man Winter had other plans and digging ourselves out of 3′ feet of snow I hurt my back. I will try stretches and if there is another future challenge I will be there! All the best to all participants!



  2. Hello,

    Newbie to the Yoga world and will be having my first class at our local Shamballa Centre (not a clothes free group) tomorrow.

    I had a questions regarding the challenge.

    Are we to do the same pose as the example or do we submit our own pose? Are there poses for 15 days of the challenge?

    Thank you.

    Fabien a.k.a. Nude Fab


    • This is a yogis choice challenge because the challenge is about learning to JUST BE in mind body spirit.

      So each day will be a a jJUST BE phrase (Just Be Bold) and each participant can post to Flickr groups or submit the pose that best expresses that phrase for them.

      The hosts will post their poses as well but participants don’t have to follow that pose unless they want to.

      Hope that explains it better.


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