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announcing the winner of the straight outta clothes photo challenge March madness edition

the winning entry for the #straightouttaclothes March madness edition is mark Since there was a three way tie when voting ended we held a drawing during half time of the  college basketball championship live on periscope. (It was great game btw.) All three names were put into a bag and 24 viewers witnessed live as Mark’s was drawn from the bag. Mark has elected to receive the black straight outta clothes tshirt for his prize.   You can get your own straight outta clothes T-shirt and other clothes free living gear at The straight outta clothes photo challenge is on break for April we focus on the poetry contest. See you in May.

straight outta clothes photo challenge march madness edition

Scroll to the bottom of page and click photo links to vote The March straight outta clothes photo challenge is here! The Theme is March madness.For our non US friends March Madness is th term used to describe the activities surrounding the college basketball tournament which chooses a national champion. Capture an image of yourself in an activity related to March madness. Filling out your bracket, watching a game dribbling a basketball, taking a shot at a door hoop, the possibilities are endless.    Your photo does not need to be similar to or a repose of the image above. Get creative, but it MUST be a photo of YOU doing something March Madness related. See below for other rules and means of entry. How to participate To participate in the challenge share your photo on Twitter, Flickr or Instagram with the hashtag #straightouttaclothes between March  14 and March 19 You may also email your submission.. Don’t forget to include the name/pseudonym in the title of the pic. All photos will be embedded on the …