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nakedness in the home raises body positive kids 

Want to raise body positive kids? Let them see you naked I grew up in a ‘naked house’. My parents weren’t naturists, far from it. But they were relaxed enough to appear in the corridor completely starkers on their way to the bathroom. Dressing gowns were optional. The sight of my mother’s boobs familiar. Nudity wasn’t a big deal. I’d like to think that I am just as relaxed with nudity in my own home. My children often see me naked – whether it be the early morning dash to the loo, or (more frequently) because they’ve wandered into the bathroom while I shower. Nudity isn’t a big deal in our house either. Like most parents, my aim is to bring up children who have healthy and positive attitudes to their bodies. I believe that by showing them I’m comfortable with my body I can role model the attitude I’d like them to emulate. A recent report from British Naturism backs this belief. In ‘Children deserve better’ researchers argue that “wholesome body attitudes” lead to …

Blogging mom on parenting site gives reason to be clothes free at home

7 Reasons Why You Deserve to Hang Out Naked in Your Home An important debate is raging in homes all around the country: Should you have the right to wander nude at home, or should you cover up? To me the answer seems obvious — of course you should feel free to go au naturel in your own home. I mean, does this concept even need defending? Apparently it does, because here’s a story all about the painful travails of prude people who have been exposed to the sight of their naked neighbors. Quelle horreur! (Fans herself.) So now that’s one more thing you have to worry about: Protecting the people in your neighborhood from the sight of your flesh. Source: The Stir Blogging mom on parenting site gives reason to be clothes free at home

Seven day clothes free experiment

The great naked experiment: Why 7 days without clothes was so worth it There have been several studies on the benefits of sleeping naked, and yet according to a national survey, only 8 percent of Americans do it! This was hard for me to come to terms with because aside from the fact that the majority of our nation has no idea how fantastic sheets feel on bare skin, it can help you sleep better, lose weight and even improve your relationship. This got me thinking, if sleeping naked can enhance my life so significantly, what if I spent more time naked on a day-to-day basis? Could it possibly make a difference in just one week? I spoke with Dr. Fran Walfish, Beverly Hills relationship psychotherapist, author of The Self-Aware Parent and co-star on WE TV’s new show Sex Box, and she thought it was a great idea, as long as my boyfriend (who I live with) was willing to go along with it. She told me, “sleeping naked can be good for your health …

What clothes free living unlocked in me

 There are things inside me that I had been wanting to experience, but couldn’t touch. It wasn’t just a matter of desiring to do something, but the desire to desire anything at all. I was lost in a down spin of depression and inaction. Layers wrapped all about my skin, I couldn’t feel. And so, I took to eating to capture a feeling, to fill a void and, at the same time, to avoid feeling. I would come home from work or yoga or an outing, curl up on the couch and just eat constantly until bed time while the TV flashed before my eyes.

Start your naked life at home

clothes free living starts at home Start your naked life at home Being naked at home, or anywhere you’re comfortable and that nakedness makes sense, is a great way to start getting comfortable with your own body. Body confidence is always being challenged these days, and being naked at home – on your own first, and then with family and friends – is a great way to cut through it all and get to what’s important. read more