Month: September 2014

My Clothesfree Life: Living Outside the Mainstream

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So, here I am reading all these other stories of folks in their different walks of life. Some are straight, some are gay. I’m a nudist. I think that I live an alternative lifestyle as much or more than gays and lesbians do. I’m certainly misunderstood more than they are. They see themselves as normal fine citizens who happen to love someone who is of the same gender. And…… Why….is….that….wrong? Outside of the mainstream ideal perhaps. But, they are real and genuine. So am I. I’m straight. I am not homosexual or homophobic. But I do live an alternative lifestyle by identifying and openly calling and identifying myself as a nudist. This is something I think I was born to be. There are some folks with nudist tendencies, that prefer a more sexual/sensual existence as a “swinger” or “life-styler”. I personally, prefer the family-friendly PG-13 rated type of nudist existence. I feel that I have transitioned away from needing to wear clothes, to wondering why we wear them at…

Dez mitos populares sobre Naturismo e Nudismo

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Como naturistas, há certas premissas falsas que ouvimos uma e outra vez, e os mitos que se perpetuam pela mídia. Aqui vamos desmerecer 10 mitos populares sobre naturismo e os naturistas. Mito # 1. Naturistas / nudistas estão nus o tempo todo. A maioria de nós não pode ficar nu o tempo todo . Mesmo que nós vivemos em um clube de nudismo, ainda é necessário se aventurar fora e que normalmente requer roupas. Quantas vezes se pode estar nu depende do clima, a localização as proximidades, etc. Além disso, muitos nudistas não  quer  ou não tem a necessidade de ficar nu o tempo todo. Algumas pessoas chegam em casa e imediatamente se despem das roupas de trabalho desconfortáveis.  (É claro que também existem aqueles que não podem estar em casa nu por causa das pessoas com quem  convivem.) Muitos estão felizes em apenas participar em tempo nu ao ar livre, quando está o clima esta quente. Veja matéria completa aqui. Equipe OS NATURISTAS

Cerca de 350 pessoas nuas enfrentaram o mar bravo de Northumberland na tentativa de quebrar recorde

Originally posted on Os Naturistas:
Cerca de 350 pessoas nuas enfrentaram o mar bravo de Northumberland na tentativa de quebrar recorde A organização North East Skinny Dip (NESD) está em seu terceiro ano, arrecadando dinheiro para the National Trust  e Mental Health Charity utilizando os lucros gerados pelas taxas de inscrição. Veja matéria completa aqui. Equipe OS NATURISTAS

Sleeping naked

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One of the first things I did in the nude was sleeping. My parents always taught me how I should put on pajamas or underwear at the very least. When I caught cold, I was told that’s because I slept with no socks on. But wearing clothes while sleeping has always been a real pain for me – socks in particular, as they make me feel like they’re blocking my blood flow through my feet. Today I don’t even remember the last time I slept in my underwear. I do remember falling asleep fully clothed not long ago, but that was because I was exhausted. If you’d like to explore nudism, sleeping naked is the best way to start. Nobody can see you, you get to sense how much different it is from sleeping clothed, and you build confidence for further ventures. For added security, simply lock yourself in your room if you can. There is also research which supports sleeping naked. Partners who sleep naked tend to have happier, longer lasting relationships.…

Hidden Beach , o Resort naturista mais luxuoso do mundo.

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Banheiras de hidromassagem, salas de massagem e casamentos ao natural, Este é o mais luxuoso resort naturista do mundo. Você pode estar planejando viajar nas suas próximas férias, mas que tal não precisar de enormes malas incomodas? Este resort de luxo  à beira-mar no México oferece estilo cinco estrelas e da a  oportunidade para os hóspedes esquecer seus trajes de banho e suas inibições. Veja a matéria completa aqui. Equipe OS NATURISTAS

What clothes free living unlocked in me

 There are things inside me that I had been wanting to experience, but couldn’t touch. It wasn’t just a matter of desiring to do something, but the desire to desire anything at all. I was lost in a down spin of depression and inaction. Layers wrapped all about my skin, I couldn’t feel. And so, I took to eating to capture a feeling, to fill a void and, at the same time, to avoid feeling. I would come home from work or yoga or an outing, curl up on the couch and just eat constantly until bed time while the TV flashed before my eyes.

Nude hiking

Originally posted on Naked Diaries:
Like I said in my first post, the first time I ever took my clothes off outside the house was on a lawn I went past each day as I went to and from school. This is how I started out hiking in the nude. The lawn was very narrow, though quite long. I’d normally undress near a tall tree at one end, and walk the length of the lawn. I started out walking in my shoes, short distances first, then longer, then very soon the whole length. In time, I took off my shoes and did the whole meadow naked and barefoot. I went there many times, though sometimes I’d not go there for months, or even a whole year. Later, the lawn was no longer as interesting. Whoever was taking care of it, stopped, or they did it less often and it got overgrown, much like a meadow. It became difficult to access the place as even the trail which led to it became overgrown with weeds and thorns.…

6 Practical Ways To Promote Naturism

Originally posted on Naturist Holidays in Europe:
What Can Naturists Do To Make Society More Accepting of Naturism? Recently one of our YNA facebook group members posted a statement about the need for us naturists to get more aggressive in promoting our lifestyle. One of the main points was that we can never fully realize a normal life of nudie fun while we are constantly looked down upon by greater society, and in some cases outright persecution by the law. The question discussed in the post, which is also discussed widely in the greater naturist community is, what can we actually do to make society more accepting of our naturist lifestyle? In attempting to answer this question I noticed that one of the main problems is that such dialog can quickly become highly theoretical, esoteric and far too idealistic. When one deeply ponders all of society’s hang-ups with nudity, it seems almost hopeless that we can make any significant change. But you know what?? I really don’t believe that! It really isn’t hopeless. I don’t…