Month: September 2015

What’s a nudist without a nudist beach?

Originally posted on Naked Diaries:
The summer trip to the sea is finally over. Yes, finally. Can you imagine being on an island – that is – a chunk of land surrounded by the sea – with no beaches allowing nude swimming? It’s like being at the cinema and being required to look at the floor instead of the screen, allowing you only to hear the movie. Sure, there was a nudist beach. It was at the other end of the island. To get to it meant driving through heavy traffic a distance that takes about 30 minutes without traffic, then paying a parking ticket to the local firefighters and then driving another couple of kilometers on a dusty crushed gravel and jutting rock road to a nook in the thorny underbrush in the woods consisting mostly of trees with spiky tree trunks and spiky leaves, and then after a few more minutes of walking, finally arriving at the rocky beach that nobody’s cleaned of garbage and half-eaten half-rotten fruit and sandwiches for years, and the only thing that makes it a…

The rise of the collectors

Used to be social media was about sharing one’s experiences and memories with others through tweets pics and videos that captured those experiences and brought them into the digital sphere. Well get ready for the rising tide of collector accounts in social media. These account don’t share anything about the account holder. Rather they collect and repost stuff (primarily images) from other people.  This growing trend is particularly focused on images and videos of naked and partially undressed people. With names like Get Your Ass in Nature, Bottomless Tour, Nudist Lover, Cheeky Guys, Naked Yoga Nebulae. These accounts social media platforms like Tumblr, Instagram and others invite you to send them your nude pictures so they can promote body freedom and you don’t have to worry about your account being compromised by the censors. The owners of those accounts rarely if ever post images of themselves they only put the images of the naked bodies of others they collect on display. While every individual has the right to do whatever they want to with their …

Living Waters Spa Hotel

Originally posted on Hot Springs Aficionado:
Jeff and Judy are your hosts at this “clothing-optional” hotel and spa. Jeff and Judy are naturists and massage therapists who found this perfect location to live their lifestyle. The site is completely private and gated, so it is very secure. You have to buzz to be let in and it is best if you call ahead to make sure there is someone to greet you. The spa consists of one swimming pool and one large jet pool. Both pools are fed by the Desert Hot Springs underground aquifer, which provides 105F water at the Living Waters well head. The jet pool is maintained at about 100F, while the swimming pool is in the high 80s.   You can spend all day in the pools, or lounging beside them in the warm desert sun. I spent a few days here working on my tan, lured by the excellent kitchen facilities. I was able to make all my own food while I was here, and never really felt the urge to…

Naked Yoga: My Cinderblock and Anchor in Truth

My naked yoga practice never gets old. In fact, the more I do it, the deeper it connects to all aspects of my life journey: physical, mental and spiritual. It has, over the past year, become my soul food, in fact, the foundation upon which I stand in the midst of storming changes. One of my favorite pieces of literature is a book by TKV Desikachar called “The Heart of Yoga: Developing a Personal Practice.” At first, I thought that this was the 900th book on poses and sequences for a physical home practice. To my joyful surprise, the personal practice described here is a much deeper work about the practice of the heart.

Nudism vs. clothes

Originally posted on My Blog about nudism and naturism (not porn):
There are differences between nudism and clothes that make the two exact opposites. Of course, this is true. Let’s talk more about this. Examples of nudism vs. clothes. Clothes are artificial, nudity is natural. Clothes cost money; nakedness is free. Money can buy clothes but not comfort or nakedness. Clothes are restricting and nudism is not. Clothes are a waste of resources and we go green with nudism. We outgrow clothes from our growing-up years when we become adults but we never outgrow our nakedness. Fashions change but nakedness is always in style. Clothes are materialistic but not nakedness. Clothes increase pornography while nudism does not. Clothes divide us while nudism brings us closer together. Au naturel is always in style, no matter the time of year. Nudism is open for anyone because clothed means naked underneath the clothes. The pay of a nudist job is beyond monetary value – for all ages and walks of life. The offer of nudism does not expire.…

Fitness expert finds a return to naturalness 

Why I’m Getting Naked Very rarely do you see a naked woman who is not posing or being objectified and sexualized in some way. When’s the last time you saw a naked women just chillin’, and like… vaccuuming, or gardening; not being a sexual object in any way? A woman being naked just for herself, instead of putting on a performance of sexuality, is hard to find. I’d say Lena Dunham is the closest we’ve got, and my goodness does she make people uncomfortable with her unapologetic, non-sexual nakedness. Our lack of real-life, non-sexual nakedness makes us all feel Less Than. Women have become obsessed with “fixing” the endless ways in which their bare faces and bodies are wrong, and we are constantly aware of the sexual performance that is expected of us. When we fail at any of the above (and we constantly feel like we are failing), there is shame. Read the full article  Curator’s note: Good read on normalized natural nudity with the oft mistake of using the term nudist colony. Also …

Poll: Natural Foundation Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Calling all clothes free yogis for Natural Foundation Yoga and Meditation Retreat! Would you be interested in a clothing optional getaway where you could shed your layers of clothing and step into a soulful experience of yoga practice, meditation, and other workshops? If so, help us shape a unique experience by taking a moment to indicate your interests and preferences for such an opportunity in the survey below.

Natural Woodland Feel

Originally posted on The Naked Truth continues…:
The weather is on the turn and so is the country, if news reports are to be believed. The weather dictate’s naturist activities on the whole, while the government is now trying to dictate to the people, without even asking for parliament’s permission. David Cameron’s dictatorial conservative party want to take away help to the poor and desolate and at the same time remove worker’s rights and take away the right to protest, about poor pay and working conditions. Recently the prime minister gave personal permission for bombings in Syria without any permission being asked for or given by parliament. Over the last weekend while we were at the club a new leader of the Labour Party, the official opposition to the government, was finally elected after a long drawn out campaign as left winger Jeremy Corbyn, was officially elected with a huge majority. It shows that there is mood for change it also signals the end of New Labours brand of conservatism as well.Although I’m a member…

My Second outing with the All Welcome Halifax Drama-Free Skinny Dipping Group: Soldier Lake

Originally posted on Naturist Fab:
Hello everyone. I couldn’t wait for last weekend to begin. I had RSVP’d my response to participate in the next skinny dipping event on Saturday September 19, 2015 this time taking place at Soldier Lake Nova Scotia. I don’t have GPS in my car (I know, I know who doesn’t have GPS???) so I had to rely on the maps provided on the invitation and on Google Maps. Saturday came around and I advised that I would be going a little earlier than the 1:00 pm planned as I had another event to get to at 3:00. So, I leave home dropping off my husband to the Casino at 11:30 as our event was there and I went on my way to the lake. My sense of direction, or the directions provided are not very good so of course I missed my turnoff and was going out of my way about 7 km (4.3 miles). I finally came to an exit and turned around and got back on the highway…