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clothing Optional – A first time Resort Visit

Clothing Optional via Grand Central Mag The main, and arguably only, difference between nudists and people who live in the textile world, is in the idea of openness. All of the traditional resorts, vacation condos, and even family weekend getaways I have been to in the past had a different social-atmosphere than at Turtle Lake. When you take off what we buy to differentiate ourselves from others, fashion clothing and jewelry, you really get to know the person underneath. There is nothing for you to hide behind. It no longer matters what you do for a living or how expensive your pre-washed jeans are since you are just like everyone else. You are who you are, and that is something to celebrate. Other people just enjoy doing regular activities without the hassle of clothing. Even when we are toddlers we have to be forced to wear clothes by people around us. And some of the most prude adults I know have gone skinny dipping and don’t think it is weird or outlandish. read more

Our First Clothing Optional Experience – Resort Review by Nekidgamer

My husband and I had been talking , and daring each other to go to a clothing optional resort for years finally for our 11th anniversary we tiptoed into the shallow end and went to Terra Cotta Inn in Palm Springs CA. Opting for a Day Pass just $40 a couple. I did some research as I always do and found they had great reviews for Newbies. Its adults only and NON-swinger, Non party scene which was what we were looking for. We were admittedly a little nervous but excited since we tended to only be nude at home. I had many skinny dippingoccasions with friends but strangers was a little more scary. We rang the doorbell and were sweetly greeted by Tom Mulhall and Jude their beautiful dog and mascot I think. Tom is a sweet man in nothing but tennis shoes and a bow tie. He greeted us warmly gave us a little tour and signed us in quickly. The place was kinda retro style but clean and well kept with a beautiful …