Month: July 2015

My Week as a Pool Boy

Originally posted on Naturist Fab:
I haven’t posted in a while and since our weather has been wet for the past week I thought I might write about my time taking care of a friend’s pool while she went away on vacation. Two and a half weeks ago a co-worker and friend asked if I could take care of her plants and her pool while she went away on vacation. How could I say no? I have been to her place on many occasions so I knew it well. On the Thursday afternoon before she left the next day, we went to her house so that she could give me instructions on what needed to be done. She introduced me to a neighbor letting them know I would be there and in case they were wondering about the strange car in her driveway.   Good neighborhood watch is always important. The following day on Friday, it was such a beautiful sunny and warm day I took the opportunity to stop in at her place during lunch…


Today marks a very special day. Today I pack a car and drive off to my first ever clothes free vacation. As it happens this turns out to be my one year clothes free life anniversary. A proper clothes free vacation, therefore, seems to be the perfect way to round out my first year of clothes free experiences.

Les nudistes revendiquent-ils quelque chose en étant nus ?

Originally posted on Naked and Happy:
This post is the French translation of the post Are nudists making a statement by being naked? as requested by one of my readers. Get Naked and Enjoy! En étant nudiste et en ne le cachant pas, vous revendiquez une chose importante : un corps n’est pas une chose dont vous devez avoir honte et il peut être montré à n’importe qui. En tant que nudiste, nous pensons que la nudité est bonne. Nous nous sentons bien nus et souhaitons que tout un chacun le comprenne. Pourtant, il existe un nombre important de nudistes qui se cachent. Certaines personnes, qui passent leurs vacances dans un environnement naturiste, ne disent rien du caractère naturiste de leurs vacances de crainte de la réjection que cela pourrait entrainer. C’est triste car le naturisme est une activité merveilleuse et respectueuse qui ne devrait pas étiqueter les gens. Maintenant, si vous ne cachez pas que vous êtes naturiste, revendiquez-vous quelque chose de particulier en étant nu et en cherchant les opportunités de l’être ? Il existe deux…

Sunday In The Park (on Saturday)

Originally posted on The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society:
Our experience getting painted for New York Bodypainting Day sparked an artistic impulse in our collective breast, so for our latest trip to Central Park we chose a secluded meadow and invited four of our favorite artists to accompany us and sketch us as we lay about in the (almost) altogether. (Next time we might go all the way — full nudity is apparently legal in New York as long as it’s part of an artistic performance or exhibition, and being drawn or painted would seem to qualify. But this time only one of us was brave enough to go full monty in the grass.) We had our favorite new books on hand (yet another member came bearing a copy of Dune!), along with miniature danishes and chocolate kuglof from Andre’s on the upper east side. The sun was high and merciless, the grass sere underfoot, the boulders craggy wonders — and yet we felt less like we were in an apocalyptic milieu worthy of a George…

YNA guest blog From SCNA nude camping at petroglyphs 

Our Nude Camping Trip To Visit Ancient Petroglyphs Thoreau reminds us of this simple yet important pleasure. This was our experience on Saturday of our 3-day desert campout, as we walked, without clothes, 6 miles across the desert in the Rodman Mountains Wilderness area. Ostensibly our goal was to locate more ancient Petroglyph sites further from our camp. But in reality the best reward was the au naturel hike itself. So where are we, and what does it take to get here? The Petroglyph viewing and desert outing is organized as a 3-day campout to a remote part of the Mojave Desert. Our naturist campsite is located about 30 miles beyond the town of Lucerne Valley, adjacent to the Rodman Wilderness Area. This is the perfect location for a clothes-free weekend, and it is but a short walk from there to view the Petroglyphs, rock art left by a race of unknown ancient Native Americans. Note that the last 20 miles of the drive to this site are off highway, but this section of graded …

Nudism/naturism: Skinny dipping!

Originally posted on Jillian Page:
What is my favourite naturism activity: Skinny dipping in a cool Laurentian lake. Smiles . . . Today I took my first naked plunge of the year into the lake. It was cold at first, but after a few minutes, it was glorious. I bet a lot of people have gone skinny dipping and never considered themselves to be nudists/naturists. And once they swam in the buff, they probably never wanted to wear a swimming suit again. Yet skinny dipping in a beautiful mountain lake is probably one of the ultimate acts of naturism. So natural, so liberating. Will you be skinny dipping this summer? — Jillian

The Class of 2015

Originally posted on The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society:
We love our long-time members, they’re the backbone of our group. Plus they’re our dear friends and we miss them when we don’t see them for too long. But we also love meeting new people! Especially people who love to read, like us, and whom we can introduce to some of the lurid reading material our club is known for. With the advent of late-July weather (aka “heat”), we have more women contacting us and saying they’re sick to death of walking through the park in two layers (Bra? Check! Tank top? Check!) when all the men around them are waving their nipples and pecs in the open air. And we’re always glad to welcome them. This past Monday, we met up on the lawn right behind Columbus Circle and welcomed several first timers to our not-so-secret society. (Quick aside: if you’re curious and might like to join us sometime, just write to us: Books on hand this time included not one but two tattered…