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AANR mobile 2 App Review

A few years ago we reviewed the first iOS  version of the official American Association for Nude Recreation app. Recently a new version of the app was released on IOS. There are enough significant differences that bear reviewing a second time. The app is divided into four sections and an about page. We will examine each the sections and functionality. Home page The home page is nothing to write home about, it has no special functionality except to display the AANR mission and logo. FAQ  The FAQ section includes twenty frequently asked questions with a info button to click to reveal the answer. The questions range from the mundane, “What are the characteristics of a AANR club?” “Do males get visibly excited?” and “Do people really play nude volleyball?” to more significant questions like “Is nude recreation legal?” “What about our kids?” and “What if we receive unwanted advances?”  Despite adequate space for in depth responses the answers are only one or two sentences. Club listings The next section is a listing featuring an alphabetical but …

Clothes free swim app update

iSwimnude the iOS app has been updated. Drawing on an international database of locations to swim clothes free the app uses your location and the Maps app to route you to public and private locations where you can swim clothes free. This update includes a Danish translation and improved sharing features utilizing the twitter and Facebook sharing built in to iOS. See the previous review of this app for a full description of the other features. Follow the app on Twitter: @iSwimnude

A trio of nudie apps – review

This trio of apps for iPhone and iPad helps the iDevice using nudist/naturist find places to practice clothes free recreation. This is not a comparative review but individual reviews of apps that serve a similar purpose for nudists. AANRmobile, iSwim nude and World Nude Beach Guide attempt to provide a practical information for nude recreation in the mobile devices using the iOS platform.

Nudist compass – review guest blog

Guest blogger: Roy Snell follow @rodos1950 NUDIST COMPASS for Android Android application available from Developers website: This app is a must for every active naturist/nudist. It is well designed application which works in conjunction with Google Maps and to provide an interactive map of naturist/nudist locations around the world. An invaluable tool for the naturist/nudist traveler and for anyone seeking naturist/nudist locations to visit. Currently there don’t appear to be any locations listed in Africa although the South African Naturist Federation lists several venues. The app is still in beta phase so there may a few malfunctions but I have not found any as yet. I will be recommending it to all my fellow naturists.

iBare (Ton Dou app for idevice and android) – review

There are only a very few naturist apps for smartphones and tablet devices. However, many musicians have started to produce apps that give their fans access to their music a way to keep up to date with the artist and share they interest. Naturist musician Ton Dou is on the leading edge and has produced iBare what seems to be the first ever app by a naturist musician.