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depiction of nudity

depiction of nudity (Photo credit: dunikowski)

Here are some things that guide what exists on this site and how it operates.

This blog posts non-sexual nude pictures. Since it is generally accepted that nude images are not safe for work, I suggest that you do not view this blog at work even though images are non sexual in nature you may still risk losing your job.

Most of the images posted are images of clothes free individuals (nudist/naturist) in nature. No clothes free images of children. Some are artistic nudes and images of nude art.All images in the featured original articles/posts are the property of all rights reserved. We make no assumptions about the origins of images not original to or intention of the original poster or what kind of site from which they originated. Every effort is made to maintain photographer credits and links back to photographer sites when they are available. Request for removal of an image by the original owner are honored immediately upon receipt of the request and prof of ownership.

Please keep comments civil and non sexual. A nude photo can beautiful without being sexy. Crass immature, perverse comments or personal attacks will not be tolerated.

Explicit erection or spread eagle photos where the genitals are the focus of the image will not be found here.

Stay safe stay clothes free

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