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Clothes free readers book club is back!

  Guess what the clothes free readers book club is back! The book selection is Going Bare by John David Harding The book which is available for free in kindle format on Amazon is a quick read about one man’s journey to clothes free living that culminates with taking his family on a nakation. Clothes free readers book club chat will be held on the new clothes free life book club chat room and on Twitter so grab the book and get to reading. Stay tuned The date for the book club will be announced soon. Most likely a Sunday in June. 

What’s the difference between naked and nude?

Difference between nude and naked It’s interesting how nakedness is so linked to sex. Yes, people do usually get naked to engage in sexual activity, but there are other times when clothes are also an encumbrance, for example, when in the shower, or on the operating table. Yet, sex is the first thing most people think of in relation to nakedness . That really says more about people than about nakedness itself. read more here

Booksellers bare all to protest censorship attempt of ‘Everybody Gets Naked’ children’s book

French booksellers go clothes free to protest censorship Booksellers bare all to protest censorship attempt of ‘Everybody Gets Naked’ children’s book Book lovers would rather be stripped of their clothes than their right to read freely. A group of French booksellers and publishers took off their clothes Wednesday to protest conservative politician Jean-François Copé’s call to censor a children’s book from 2011 called “Everybody Gets Naked” (Tous à Poil), the Local reported. read more

Naked truths in cheeky new book | The Chronicle Herald

Naked truths in cheeky new book | The Chronicle Herald. The book offers a fun glimpse into the life of a laid back naturist on a self-described mission to alter a “clothes-minded” society. “I started on a journey a year ago documenting things that you can do naked, and actually doing most of them,” Roberts said. “I thought it would be a funny book, a ‘joy of living naked’ kind of thing. I’m really into humour. I think humour is the best medicine.” Despite the title, the book isn’t simply a straightforward list of things you can do in the nude. It’s a series of amusing stories and anecdotes into which the author seamlessly weaves the 101 items. Latest addition to book club reading list, book review coming soon  


By 1995, I was extremely disillusioned by naturism. I’d only visited two nudist parks on the mainland starting in 1990, and I organized activities as the local contact for the Hawaii Skinnydippers, which met once a month in a private pool in Hawaii Kai. Outside of the pool parties and one sailing trip, there were no other activities. Membership consisted of over 40 people, most of whom were single men over 40. There were women and 30 something couples, but they were friends of the host. Being an Asian American nudist in my twenties, I felt like a minority within a minority, and most of my friends razzed me about assimilating not only into a white culture, but a white culture that has no part in the local scene. I had written a nudist play in college, but decided to put it aside, since my writing style was moving toward dark comedy.