Month: January 2016

Former UFC champ does body painting

Former UFC champion Ronda Rousey poses on Caribbean beach wearing just body paint Rousey, who lost her bantamweight crown to Holly Holm back in November, was pictured taking part in a photoshoot wearing nothing but a body paint bikini. The shoot is believed to have taken place in the Bahamas, as Rousey continues her return into the public eye. She had vowed to stay away from the media following her defeat to Holm in November. Source : The Mirror

How to love your body the Danish way shameless and naked

How to love your body the Danish way (hint: you’ll need to get naked first The Danes have even officially been dubbed the most shameless nation in the world, based on research by the University of Zurich. And, after two years of living here, I’ve finally been inspired to learn to love my body the Scandinavian way. Danish body confidence begins in January. In Denmark nobody bothers to deprive themselves in the cold dark of winter. Last year, my ‘dry January’ met with baffled looks from my Danish friends as they helped themselves to the pastries their country is famous for. Fretting about the way they look or obsessing over staying in shape isn’t something my slender Scandi friends indulge in because, fittingly for residents of the happiest nation in the world, most of them feel fine just the way they are. Source: The Telegraph—————————the-danish-way-h/

Naturism nudism and clothes free living African Americans and the clothes free community

For black history month we will be publishing a four-part series the Naturism, Nudism, and Clothes Free Living – African-Americans & the clothes free community. Each week in February we will explore a different aspects of naturism, nudity and clothes free life in the African-American context. We will start on the African continent and move to the intersection of native Africans with Europeans and Americans of european descent. Then explore the place of African-Americans in the height of the naturist/nudist and finish with a look at present day. This online magazine/site is one of the only naturist/clothes free sites to present the African-American perspective in the clothes free community. Photo credits Far right : Noire 3000 studios

Why Nudity Is So Common In Horror

When nudity is introduced into a film of any genre it tends to stimulate and titillate (hehe) the viewers base emotional response system and have the effect of ‘grabbing your attention’ as they say, this includes sex scenes which although rarer than the occasional bare breasts are still used often to entice a reaction from the viewer subconsciously and although I’m not a scientist I would be inclined to believe that some mild form of perverse endorphins are released giving the audience a little high.Now the crux of my thoughts in relation to horror more specifically, when utilised properly, nudity and sex can create an emotional tipping point in the viewer and serves to almost sidetrack them into letting their guard down so that they experience more of a ‘hit’ when any violence, gore or basically crazy shit happens; just think about the number of times you’ve seen a woman about to jump in the shower then it cuts to the knife wielding mental patient in the garden bed outside the window, or the couple …

Neo-Nudism doing business making deals and clothing optional venues

Amy Molloy strips off in the name of neo-nudism So, why were they all here voluntarily? Haven’t you heard? Naturism is no longer simply an activity for hippies, Playboy bunnies and serial exhibitionists. Off the back of social trends such as the Free The Nipple campaign, which argues that men and women’s bodies shouldn’t be censored differently, a growing number of people are casting aside their inhibitions and shedding their material layers. Or, at the very least, thinking more about it. If you squirm at the idea of even sleeping in the buff while in the privacy of your bedroom, don’t dismiss this too quickly. The new nudism – or neo-nudism – is both civilised and uncivilised, responsible and irresponsible. And, if you avert your eyes, you could be missing out… Personally, I’m not exactly a newbie to nudism. I grew up in what can only be described as a naked household, where our bathroom had an open-door policy. Even as a teenager, it wasn’t uncommon for a conversation to occur while my parents, my …

Straight outta clothes photo challenge February 

It’s time for the straight outta clothes photo challenge -scroll down to vote The straight outta clothes photo challenge is a themed clothes free photo challenge. Each challenge will be associated with a clothes free theme activity or event. The theme for this first challenge is work clothes free.  In solidarity with National Work Naked Day February 5 the challenge is to share a photo working clothes free. Your photo does not need to be similar to or a repose of the image below. Get creative, but it MUST be a photo of YOU working clothes free.  See below for other rules and means of entry. How to participate To participate in the challenge share your photo on Twitter, Flickr or Instagram with the hashtag #straightouttaclotheschallenge between Feb 1 and Feb 5   You may also email your submission.. Don’t forget to include the name/pseudonym in the title of the pic. All photos will be embedded on the web site where all voting will take place. NO VOTES OFF THE SITE OR IN SOCIAL …

A new guest house in Spain: Finca Johanna

Originally posted on Clothes are optional:
Johanna and Laurent have sent this information: In Andalusia the summer is here most of the year, and Johanna and Laurent, a French couple, have opened their guest house Finca Johanna here. We are far away from the tourist bustle and beaches lined with buildings of the Costa del Sol. Nestled in the Andalusian countryside, the Finca Johanna is 25 minutes drive from Marbella, and Malaga is about the same distance. The finca has five rooms which are beautifully decorated. Each room has its own theme. The Gypsy room, where you can sleep in an alcove, The Moorish room, which looks like an Andalusian patio, the Seventies room for the hippies, the room of the Marvels, which is an invitation to travel, and the most romantic one: The Arabian Nights room. For those who prefer the camping option, Johanna and Laurent are working to add two outside places to stay: a Bedouin tent and a vintage caravan with its Canadian tent. They will be amongst the almond trees and…

“Free The Nipple” New Hampshire Backfires As I Dreaded.

So let me try to explain AGAIN as to why I feared this would happen and why that put me at odds with those that thought they were onto a good thing.CURRENTLY New Hampshire, like most other States, do NOT have any State-level laws precluding toplessness.So the female nipple was and still is FREE (bar some silly, unenforceable local ordinances, e.g., Gilford beach).When the New Hampshire ‘Free The Nipple‘ movement came to be WE did NOT know that there were NO State Laws against toplessness. We assumed that there must be.Then we FOUND OUT. Source: “Free The Nipple” New Hampshire Backfires As I Dreaded.

Public school investigates topless photo published in student newspaper

Topless images in Missoula high school paper stir concern The images were published alongside an article about the “Free the Nipple” campaign, a national effort to allow girls and women to be topless in same situations that men and boys are allowed to be topless. The district is trying to recall every copy of the issue, which was released Wednesday at Willard and three MCPS high schools – Big Sky, Hellgate and Sentinel. MCPS spokeswoman Hatton Littman says the district is not releasing any statements or conducting on-camera interviews regarding the publication at this time. Investigators are still trying to figure out the identities of the people involved and it’s unclear if the topless individuals are students or if they are over 18. Six topless individuals appear in the front page photo, and two others appear in another photo inside the paper