Month: July 2013

Der alltägliche Wahnsinn – eine Chronik: “Nude ain’t rude!” – A message to the Prude Police…

Der alltägliche Wahnsinn – eine Chronik: “Nude ain’t rude!” – A message to the Prude Police…: OK, apparently, not everyone likes this… It’s Monday again… and, as usual, I started the week before work with my early morning… via Blogger

Vestiti o nudi?

Originally posted on Mondo Nudo:
Saro breve, anzi brevissimo… Quante volte viene imposto un abbigliamento particolare? Quante volte qualcuno viene allontanato da un luogo o da un evento per via del suo abbigliamento? Quale è la differenza? I vestiti realizzano diverse forme di abbigliamento. La nudità è, a sua volta, una forma di abbigliamento. I vestiti camuffano, ma non cambiano le persone: una persona, vestita o nuda che sia, è sempre e comunque una persona, la stessa persona; se la si è accettata vestita, la si deve accettare nuda!

Nudism/Naturism: Oka Beach here we come!

Originally posted on Jillian Page:
I really love my friend Ted’s hot tub — lounging in it with a nice glass of wine is the perfect way to end a day and/or evening. I wouldn’t dream of wearing a bathing suit in it. That would seen so unnatural. Ted is coming in from Ottawa today and we’re planning to head out to the nudist/naturist section of Oka Beach. I’ve been talking about doing it for so long — I’m excited. Of course I will report back to you about the experience. I also have a report on our Ottawa visit in the works — will get it posted eventually. Funny how vacations can get so busy. Stay tuned . . . Jillian

Going On a Naturist Vacation

Originally posted on Vegannakedpagan:
Today we head for Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park.  It’s not quite five AM and I’m up and excited.  It’s raining, but that doesn’t stop me from being pumped about going.  We’re going on a naturist vacation! There are certain advantages to a naked vacation. If, and I do mean if, it’s raining when we get to Bare Oaks, setting up the tent in the rain while naked is no big deal.  I mean, if I get wet, so what.  I don’t have to line dry my clothes, there won’t be any! The temps look like they may be lower than what I would prefer.  That’s the one negative to going to a naturist camp.  If the temps are low, then I’m going to be dressed, at least partially.  If that’s the case, then why go to a naturist place? One of the things I like about Bare Oaks is that it has some great amenities.  If the week turns out to be less than optimal, then I spend more time…

Heroes of naturism #1: Lady God1va

Originally posted on Naked Historia:
I thought I would write about some of the inspirational people who I think have done great things.  The first of these is Lady God1va.  No; that isn’t a typo.  Lady God1va is a pen name used by a naturist activist, blogger and a truly inspirational woman.  There was already someone in the UK using the name Lady Godiva, which is why she uses the 1 to distinguish herself. Since there is a natural link to Lady Godiva, it only seems fair to talk about her too, as she has become the archetype for the naked protest and she too was a very remarkable woman. The basic story is extremely well known.  She was an Anglo-Saxon noblewoman who rode naked through the streets of Coventry in order to make her husband reduce the oppressive taxes on his tenants.  But this really needs to be put into context. Godiva, or Godgifu in Old English, was not a nudist.  She did not decide to mount a naked protest and she was not…

Bring It

Originally posted on The Dip Skinny:
This weekend is the Petanque tournament, and fair warning, I plan on bringing my A-game. I’ve been doing push ups all morning. Every half an hour or so I’ll drop and give me 6.  I’m not the best personal trainer, but no pain, no pain. That’s my motto. If you want to know more about me, I’m the kind of guy that likes to take short walks on the beach followed by a nice piggy-back ride to the car. Sure, it’s not a very smooth ride, but a friend once told me we only have so many miles in our bodies. I figure if I’m able to take some off by riding you, we’re helping each other. I keep the miles down and you get to exercise. Giving isn’t easy, but that’s who I am. It also saves my energy for Petanque, a game in which you roll a larger steel ball at a smaller wooden ball (known as the “jack ball” or “something French I can’t remember but I’m not looking…