Month: November 2014

hiking and bouldering in Painted Canyon (California)

Originally posted on Active Naturists:
Painted Canyon in California is yet another place for a nice hike in the buff; it’s not an official naturist territory, but it has a history of naturist excursions and feels quite secluded. This place is also known as Mecca Hills, but Painted Canyon makes better justice as its name – the rocks are quite colorful there! Shortly after then entrance (parking), you’ll have to get up the ladders on another level of the dry riverbed, but otherwise it’s pretty flat. Except for the vertical rock walls around! It’s difficult to imagine how this place is transformed when the river gets full here, but you can get a rough idea when you see the traces of its work, such as the base of this rock wall being washed off… I posed both as a Titan supporting the whole thing and being succumbed to some kind of gravitational force pulling me deep in the Mother Earth… We continued the hike, and after a brief clothed break as we let some school group pass…

Naturist Demographics (or, Part Of Why KFFBS Exists)

Originally posted on The Kingston-Frontenac Free Body Society:
We took a bit of flak, in some circles, with our recent post explaining why the Kingston-Frontenac Free Body Society has membership restrictions. This was not unexpected. We can completely understand the position, taken by many folks, that naturism should be completely inclusive, regardless of age or gender. That’s a nice ideal to strive for. It is, however, not working. Consider the population pyramid for Canada (shown below). It’s pretty well balanced male-to-female and, while birth rates are falling, the age distribution is also fairly well balanced. Within what you might call the “naturist community”, the picture is somewhat different. Anecdotally, we’d peg it roughly along the red overlay on the following graphic: In other words, what we actually see at many of the naturist venues we’ve been to is a population that is about 70% male, with a median age around 50 to 55. People our own age (the KFFBS co-organizers are, at the time of writing, in our late 20s) are a relatively rare sight.…


Originally posted on the sl naturist:
The English naturist village of Spielplatz (German for ‘play place’) is the subject of a documentary on UK TV channel More4 on December 11th, and UK paper The Daily Mirror has written an article on it, the usual dumb hack puns in place. The Metro paper manages to just do with one. In 2014, is there any valid reason why ‘journalists’ (does their training simply involve copying decades old articles from their paper’s archives?) indulge in this lazy nonsense any more? Iseult Richardson, daughter of Spielplatz’s founder, still lives in the grounds and has written a history of the village (originally published in 1994) called ‘No Shadows fall’, and it’s a remarkable tale of the 12 acre estate’s development. Spielplatz, ‘The Naked Village’ airs on More4 on December 11th at 9pm. The Mirror also ran a poll clickbait which asked the question, ‘Would you like to live in a naturist village?’ Rather remarkably, the results were (at time of publishing this post): One third of Mirror readers like the idea!…

NY Mag offers another reason to yoga clothes free

Your Yoga Pants Might Be Giving You Butt Acne 2. What’s causing it? As everyone has been telling you, your yoga pants aren’t meant for everyday wear. Your Lululemons might be to blame. As Dr. Tanzi explains, “People tell me, ‘I’m always in my yoga pants’. And I’m like, that’s not meant for every day!” You know it’s serious when a doctor tells you to give up the yoga pants. It works like this: Your yoga pants are tight. They’re sweaty. They stick to your butt when you sit or even when you’re not sitting. So does bacteria and sweat, which clog pores. Dr. Charles puts it this way: “Sweat that sits on the body for extended periods of time leads to the overgrowth of bacteria that can exacerbate acne.” Read more

DeAnza resort, Heartbreak Hotel etc.

Originally posted on Active Naturists:
In case you thought this photo depicts DeAnza Springs Resort, don’t worry, it’s in much better condition. This is just one of their sites of interest, where some scenes of a 1988 movie Heartbreak Hotel were shot. The resort hosts a resident nudist community, as well as a motel and RVs to rent; it’s actually the largest clothing-optional resort in North America, according to their website. Below is a photo with the view of DeAnza resort and its surroundings taken from a rocky peak nearby. But before I get to tell you how I got to that peak, a couple more words about the resort itself. Typically for a nudist resort, there is a sauna, hot tub and two pools – open-air and indoors, where water volleyball is played. There are also tennis courts, and perhaps the best equipped gym I’ve seen at a nudist resort so far! However, the most attractive thing about DeAnza Springs Resort is its nature surroundings and possibilities for outdoor recreation: bouldering, and miles of hiking and mountain-biking…

Confessions of a clothes free yogi

I  practiced yoga for over a decade. It was a way to bring healing to my body from long term injuries and existing conditions. There were two unexpected benefits. First greater body awareness and second a deeper spiritual awareness. The new positive perception of my body  I experienced when I practiced yoga got me thinking differently about my body in general. I came to accept that my body was not inherently bad.  I began to understand that we cover ourselves with clothes most of the time in modern society because we have such a negative image of the body. We cover it with all manner of dressing to try to make it acceptable by socially determined standards of beauty. Clothes free yoga helped me to accept my body as something wonderful even when I was not very fit or healthy. It was clothes free yoga that actually lead me to explore clothes free living. After I started practicing yoga without clothes I was intrigued by the freedom and natural feeling I experienced. So I started to spend more time …

Naked Fitness: Would you strip down to your birthday suit?

After reading about a CrossFit gym in Denmark that’s now offering a nude CrossFit workout session, I couldn’t help but think of all the things that could go wrong – a poorly thrown medicine ball, a barbell yanked up at the wrong angle… and all those jump rope double-unders – yikes! And truthfully, I don’t think naked CrossFit will catch on. CrossFit athletes add tape and guards to their hands, shins and forearms to help prevent injuries, so I think it’s impractical to strip down further. That said, naked workouts have been around for years, and they’re growing in popularity. Read more