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Clothes free life has moved

Clothes Free Life the magazine has moved to its new home on a new server still at clothesfreelife. THERE WILL BE NO MORE CLOTHES FREE LIFE MAGAZINE UPDATES ON THIS SITE. If you have followed the magazine using WordPress please head over to the new site and subscribe to get all the updates of news and original articles.  VISIT CLOTHESFREELIFE.COM Earl D editor in chief and founder

Legal Hackette Lunches with the ‘Naked Rambler’

I meet Stephen Gough at the top of a hill overlooking Winchester prison, one of the jails in which he was incarcerated due to his desire not to wear clothes in public.Gough has cycled to the meeting point, which he selected. He is clothed in black lycra cycling shorts and an orange T-shirt — the latter of which quickly comes off due to the heat.After spending more than 10 years in prison because of his wish not to wear clothes, the 57-year-old former Marine has taken to dressing in order to be able to be a fulltime carer for his mother, who suffers from dementia.As debate rages about whether Muslim women should be permitted to cover their entire bodies when on the beach – a right which our hero ardently supports — Gough has found himself in trouble with the law for wearing too little. Source: Legal Hackette Lunches with the ‘Naked Rambler’ curators’ note For a guy who has been made out to be crazy or just this side of it Gough sounds pretty …

Spirited Bodies and All The Young Nudes // Edinburgh, August 2016

Originally posted on steve ritter:
Two great institutions of the British life art scene combined to present a very special one-off spectacular this summer. All The Young Nudes runs life drawing groups as club nights, complete with bar and ultra hip playlist in cities across Scotland. With the added consideration of very reasonable ticket prices, their gatherings are always hugely popular. On 23 August, they joined forces with Spirited Bodies in Edinburgh to coincide with the Fringe Festival. Spirited Bodies has been organising large scale multi-model events for first-time and experienced life models – primarily in London – since 2010. Artistic Director, Esther Bunting, last worked with All The Young Nudes in 2013 so this would be an exciting return foray. For me, however, it was to be a debut collaboration north of the border. I travelled up with Esther as her partner, roadie, photographer, and participating model. Our setting for the evening would be an alternative music venue: Studio 24. Esther had booked ten models about a month in advance, but individual issues right…

science says ban all clothes and climate change is fake

Beyond burkinis: why science suggests ALL clothes should be banned A lot of people have been upset by images of French police forcing a woman to take a burkini off on a beach, in full view of the public, in accordance with the controversial French burkini ban. There are many reasons to be outraged by this ban: the suppression of individual rights and apparent hypocrisy in the name of “secularism”, the misogyny-tinged policing of women’s clothes specifically, the public display of intimidation, and so on. All of these complaints are misplaced. The real problem with the burkini ban is, it’s too limited. Forbidding a specific type of swimsuit won’t achieve anything: we must ban ALL CLOTHES! And the sooner the better. This may sound like a ridiculous notion. But, more ridiculous than banning a swimming costume in order to fight terrorism? I think not! Plus, there are many scientifically valid reasons for us to do away with clothes. Firstly, clothes cause problems. Look at the long history of clothes being used as a tool of …

social network myclothesfreelife dot com gets a fresh coat of paint got a facelift overnight. We stepped up our game and gave the site a new look  as well as some new features. We are always looking to improve the site and make it better for users. There are stickers to add to updates, compliments to share, badges to  and points to earn and a host of other little enhancements to the user and community experience. As before site security is paramount with all information encrypted and new members vetted so the community will be filled with those who genuinely live clothes free life or want to explore it. We also have several new members from around the world. If you haven’t visited in a while stop by and check out the new look and all the stuff. Maybe you are the next new member visit to sign up now.

Announcing the clothes free life poetry anthology

We’re excited to announce a partnership with Retired Eagle Books Publishing Together we will produce an anthology  of poems from our four years of poetry contests. If you have participated in the contest and would like your poem to be included please contact us immediately to provide permission. Each poet will receive a copy of the book.  

straight outta clothes podcast #2 naturist fiction author wil Forest 

straight outta clothes podcast episode #2 interview with Will Forest author of Coed Naked Philosophy – naturist themed fiction & naked reading day Listen/Download Show notes This episode features our conversation with naturist fiction author Wil Forest. Who shares with us how he got started writing naturist themed fiction. He also shares his experience with naturism & tells us about some of his current writing and a new book due out this summer. Links General: General: CO-ED NAKED PHILOSOPHY on Amazon: “Disrobing Suspense” series of interviews with naturist fiction writers: Page with sample and info about upcoming novel AGLOW:

clothes free adventures in nature

What began as a dare soon became a passion when I very quickly realised that the weirdest thing about being naked was that it didn’t feel weird at all. Then I discovered Instagram sites such as Clothesfreelife and was inspired to explore more. Being naked at home became the norm, but that then prompted me to take the freedom outdoors. Again, Instagram posts became my inspiration but the problem lay in finding places to go where I could be free of clothes without ‘alarming’ the clothed hikers and bushwalkers. But with a bit of research and planning (and often luck) I found it was certainly possible. In general I look for quiet, yet inspiring wilderness areas in my state of Victoria, preferably with a river or waterfall for swimming, or secluded tracks for exploring. I do take a cotton ‘hiking kilt’ with me in case I encounter others en route who might not appreciate the freedom of being clothes free… But I have yet to use it – even when some hikers wandered past me while …