Month: May 2013

Nudity and Holiness – A Spiritual

I’ve been reading a series called Naked Before God, written by a Congregational Church pastor in Hershey, Michigan called Edward W. Raby Sr., and it has me thinking, re-thinking just what it is about nudity that has jumped up to capture more and more of my attention. Nudity isn’t a stranger in my life. On reflection, nudity became a part of my conscious life during my last two years of high school. I had wondered why it came into my life then and have since credited its appearance as a way for me to handle the psychological wounds that grew out of years of physical, psychological and sexual abuse. It “fit” and that was good enough. But now, I wonder if there was more than that at work, something at a deeper level. Yes, the psychological benefits were/are undeniable. Perhaps, the escapes into private and isolated naturism were all that stood between the darkness of my being and death. via Nudity and Holiness – A Spiritual Journey | A Naturist’s Lens.

Summer returns!

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It’s hard to believe that just two days ago, I had to turn the heat on in my home at night — temperatures were around the 5C mark here. Now, summer is back! It will be good skinny-dipping weather this weekend in my neck of the wood. Temperatures are to be around 30C mark. So rain or shine, I plan to take my first plunge of the season — without my bikini. And that is what naturism is all about, yes? Smiles . . . Happy weekend to all! Jillian

Naked Before God – Part 5 – Naked Worship

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I am starting to realize from at least a spiritual level why a believer might want to become a naturist.  If we get right down to it this is the picture of Adam and Eve in the Garden.  They are with their natural surroundings, naked, unashamed and with their God and each other.  The desire to return to such a picture in their own lives could get overwhelming to someone who desires that simple relationship between God ourselves and nature that we once had.  The problem of course is that our modern and religious culture has large segments of people who frown on showing up naked in outdoor places. Worship is about praising God and adoring God.  Meditation is about listening, prayer about petition and worship is about praise.  To engage the spiritual process of communion with God we need all three.  Worship is about giving God with all we are what He deserves.  It is not just about praising him with our lips it is about praising him with our lives.  It…

Taboo or Tattoo

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Still a contentious issue among some naturists, especially those of a certain generation. in some circles it’s still seen as something to be frowned upon, especially the issue of piercings on the more intimate body parts. It wasn’t that long ago that you could have been drummed out of a naturist club for having a tattoo or a piercing, now it seems to be much more widely accepted. With almost every professional footballer, model or film star seeming to sport a tattoo, or multitude of tattoos, it is likely that tattooing among the public will be as common as it used to be among sailors in the past, and why not?? Tattoos, or piercings are purely a form of expressionism, the same as a ‘textile’ choosing to wear a particular type of fashion. People argue that if you’re tattooed or pierced you’re not truly naked………..My answer to this is ‘Poppycock’. Does that mean that someone with a birthmark (of which I have a large one), a form of skin…

” Naturism isn’t just for the Old “

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        Naturism isn’t just for the older folk it’s for everyone old and the Young !  Young British Naturists – YBN is the recognised organisation for the young naturist They say: If you are aged under 30 then Young British Naturists (YBN) is the UK group for you. We have hundreds of members and arrange events both here and in Europe. YBN allows you the opportunity to enjoy freedom from clothes and the fun it brings with people of your own age. Our members come from all backgrounds and walks of life. Some grew up with Naturist parents and for others YBN is their first Naturist experience. What do you do? During the summer months we organise visits to Naturist clubs all around the UK, usually camping, and get groups together to attend BN’s big events. During the day we laze in the sun, swim, play sports and visit the bar. In the evenings we have discos and bands or have a night out in the…