Month: March 2012

Naturists Eating Their Own

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You probably already know about the flap over Desert Sun Resort‘s recent change of status to ‘couples only’ and the lawsuit filed by some disgruntled folks who think that everyone else adores having their obnoxious rugrats underfoot while relaxing on a very expensive vacation. We aren’t going to get into this by expressing our opinion as to whether the ‘no kids’ policy was actually a move towards a more sexy environment or not except to say that, lacking any evidence in that direction, we have no reason to believe so.  Without evidence, anything else is pure speculation and not worth discussing. What we can’t figure out is why John and Elizabeth Young, the resort’s owners, would go from a perfectly reasonable business-based defense to the odd ‘anti-porn’ defense they ultimately chose.  Did they think that public sentiment against porn would support them?  “Do it for the children!” In any event, it’s touched off a minor firestorm in the nudist community by those who feel (probably correctly) that by admitting publicly implying that it’s conceivable that somewhere,…

Are nudist resort adult only admission policies discriminatory? – Dallas Nudist Culture |

Even among resorts where only traditional, non-sexual social nudity is practiced, not all of them welcome nudist families. Traditional nudism distinguishes between mere nudity and sexual activity. The atmosphere at clubs and resorts that embrace traditional nudist values is typically wholesome and suitable for the entire family. Still some resorts do not permit children to visit with parents. via Are nudist resort adult only admission policies discriminatory? – Dallas Nudist Culture |

Original naked chef


I’m the original Naked Chef. It’s so much fun living life nude. Who needs clothes? Not me. Cooking is best done nude as it’s so easy to clean up. Spend more time nude, you’ll love it. MC

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Why am I so interested in Nudism/Naturism?

Because I think being nude is a symbol of self-freedom. It’s pretty funny how clothed up (both literally and figuratively) a large majority of American’s are, when we live in the “Land of the free, the home of the brave.” Since I’ve been getting more into this nudism thing, Lately, I’ve had a few friends ask me what was wrong with me, and why I liked presenting myself in such a way. Not that I get fully undressed around them, because it’s not my position to make them feel uncomfortable, but I was just telling them how infatuated with the idea of this movement. We were born naked, and before cultures really started to develop, we were basically always naked. Yes, clothes can be visually appealing, and of course I love wearing them as much as I love being in my bare skin, but it’s sad to me that most people in the United States (and many other places) can’t even look at themselves naked via Why am I so interested in Nudism/Naturism?.