Month: April 2015

Being With My Mom

I recently arrived back home after visiting my mother. It feels strange to call this place home after having spent my first ever clothes free time with my mom as an adult. The time we had together made for a special kind of bond in a beautiful atmosphere of simply being. I had taken vacation time to go visit her down. Over the course of several conversations prior, we decided to try my being clothes free in her presence during my visit. We also committed to going to a clothing optional outdoor space. I got to her late on a Monday night. As always, there was an immeasurable amount of excitement in the air for the reconnection. We always scream and jump in each others’ arms when we first see each other at the airport. We grab arms and pinch cheeks just to make sure it’s real: Yes, we are both here. We arrived at her apartment and chatted into the wee hours of the morning. Part of that chat involved discussing some clothes free things. She …

” Topsy Turvy “

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   Since Easter we’ve visited the club a further three times each time its got a little warmer, but really at no time could you ever say it was a heat wave.  With temperatures mid way through last week (w/e 18th) hitting 25c we were hoping the forecast would be a little out and allow us some quality naked time. The forecast was for sun on all three days but with a north east wind this would mean it would be a little chilly under clear skies. This it proved to be although we did manage a little sunbathing it was just for an hour or two on Saturday afternoon. The weekend was still wonderfully pleasant with hardly anyone about and with time to spare as well we got nearly all the jobs I wanted to do done. The chalets really coming on a treat and its a nice to spend weekends out of the city.Once again the best weather nearly always been mid week when everyone’s at work and it tales off as…

Vita Nuda reports on seventh successful Florida young Naturists Spring Bash

Florida Young Naturists Naked Spring Bash #7 There was a lot to do as well. We had all of our traditional events: live music, glow in the dark body painting, naked yoga, dancing, drinking, and profound hot tub conversations. We also had a lot of fun and unique workshops as well, like partner yoga, ballroom dancing lessons, painting with light, henna, hula hooping, glass blowing, screen printing, tie dying, and so much more. There were even workshops on wine making as well as one for making your own didgeridoo and learning how to play it. The amount of talented and creative individuals willing to share their craft is one of among many things that make these bashes truly unique.  This year’s spring bash was a very special one too. What made this one special was the many new people at the bash and also the high number of returning FYN members; some of which hadn’t been to an event in years! It was really great to see some of the people that made past events …

Nudist examiner Dalton calls out libertine tumblr for being more swinger than nudist

Ignorance apparently bliss for some ‘nudists‘  Last week while perusing the web I happened across a rather appalling example of a “nudist” blog hosted at the microblogging and social networking website Tumblr. I had long believed that there no longer existed anything at Tumblr that could possibly surprise me yet I was proven wrong by the discovery of Libertine Nudist Couple. Beyond simply the title, the curators of this particular blog clearly identify themselves as “nudists” in the very first sentence of their introductory boiler plate information – “We are a nudist couple and have no shame about nudity and sexuality: we like sex in public, on the beach and around our nude pool, we love group sex and swinging.” Read more at Larry Dalton’s Nudist examiner site  Curator’s Note: Raises the important question of what makes a nudist. This is one reason we prefer the use of the term clothes free. 

Il nudismo in Croazia

Originally posted on Essere Nudo:
La storia del nudismo in Croazia si fa risalire agli anni Trenta. E l’isola di Rab viene considerata come la pioniera del nudismo croato. Qui, nel mese di agosto del 1936, il re inglese Edoardo VIII, che era solito passare le sue vacanze sull’isola, chiese alle autorità il permesso di fare il bagno nudo nella baia di Kandarola. Per questo motivo, ancor oggi la baia viene talvolta chiamata anche “spiaggia inglese” o “degli inglesi”. Tuttavia, è certo che la pratica del nudismo sull’isola ha radici molto più antiche. La prima spiaggia nudista dell’isola di Rab, infatti, fu aperta ufficialmente da Richard Ehrman, presidente della federazione naturista di Vienna, nel 1934. Ma esistono documenti che dimostrano che già nei primi decenni del XX secolo la popolazione di Rab aveva compreso l’importanza di promuovere il nudismo per il rilancio turistico ed economico dell’isola. La pratica generalizzata del nudismo in Croazia si diffuse negli anni Sessanta, con l’apertura dei primi campeggi nudisti sulle spiagge dell’Istria e della Dalmazia. La struttura più antica è…

[App]: Nudist Compass 2 | The Naturist Page

Originally posted on The Naturist Page:
Nudist Compass has announced today they are working on updating the android application which allows the users to locate the nearest beaches, resorts as well as other Naturist/Nudist venues all over the world closest to you. Since it’s launch in 2013 the app has been downloaded tens of thousands of times. With the ability to add your own spots and being able to rate and check in to places, I give this app something worth checking out. However in order for them to make Nudist Compass 2 possible, they are asking for help by donating what you wish to help make it possible. Here’s what to expect in Nudist Compass 2: Nudist Compass 2 is on the way It will be multi-platform. No longer only for Android, there are iOS and Windows versions being programmed too. It will be multi-lingual. No longer only in English, we want to have it in German (as it is most popular amongst German users), Spanish, Italian and other languages too. It will be more accurate.…

Body paint in nature

The naked eye: Amazing photos of nude models painted into the backgrounds of nature scenes This may look like any other forest but if you look closely you might just find a surprise. Nestled in among the undergrowth is something not quite right, and it you concentrate hard enough you might just see – a naked person. See the images