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yet another clothes free yoga success story

I went to Naked Yoga, and this is what happened It’s twenty minutes before class starts and I feel my heart pounding. My body heats up, my blood pressure drops, I can feel my breath quicken, but I walk through the door anyways. I’ve been practicing yoga for a couple of years now, but never in a million years did I ever think that I’d do it naked in a room full of strangers. I had heard about Bold & Naked a few months ago and was immediately intrigued, but never thought I’d do it. In the past I’ve had body issues, and even now in my physical peak I still feel insecure. “My thighs are too big, my breasts are too small, I have too much hair,” the demons in my mind tell me when I stand in front of a mirror. So when a man gets into the elevator and I realize that we’re going to the same place, I panic. This man is going to see me naked. I’m greeted by Bold …

I found myself in this most natural state with nude yoga instructor

Nude yoga where you bring a mat and an open mind I have joined a club of women who bare all in nude yoga, stripping down to find their inner beauty. I found myself in this most natural state with nude yoga instructor and relationship coach Rosie Rees, who is touring Australia with her workshops. Well aware of my hesitation, she validated my vulnerability by explaining it was normal to be nervous. “Being nude in front of others can be mortifying for a lot of people — we are told to cover up from an early age, so it’s going against everything we’ve been told,” Ms Rees said. As a keen yogi, I am aware of the different and awkward poses you can get into on the mat. Nude yoga involves most of the positions found in a standard yoga class — including downward dogs and half moons. The practice is by candlelight so I feel less exposed. Before we start there is some advice. “Bring a towel, because you sweat a lot more without …

clothes free yoga takes off in New Zealand

Kiwis join naked yoga craze in exclusive Auckland suburb One of New Zealand’s most exclusive suburbs has joined the latest global fitness craze: naked yoga. Every Tuesday night in leafy Westmere, dozens of people in a dimly-lit room are stripping off and hitting the floor for an hour-long session. Since the class began last month, more than 100 people have signed up to the Auckland Nude Yoga database. In fact, Aucklanders are so keen, the nude classes are already selling out and organisers are on the hunt for a bigger venue in Grey Lynn. “It is becoming very popular and every week there’s more joining the mailing list,” says the man behind Auckland Nude Yoga, who asked not to be named. “I get countless emails every week from people seeking advice. The website is getting a lot of traction, people are curious and there are enquiries from men and women.” *read more – Source: New Zeland Herald

It was whilst catching up on my WGSN fashion trending information, that I stumbled across this image: Please see bottom right hand image. Warrior something. Naked warrior something. The article in question is not about naked yoga – but activewear. However, it’s a beautiful thought provoking image – and provoke thought it did. Naked yoga […] via downward facing… what? — turnaroundgirl

clothes free yoga trending in Britain 

Will you be signing up? The latest group fitness trend sweeping Britain is NAKED YOGA Yes, naked yoga really is a thing – and it’s taking off on both sides of the Atlantic. Doing the Downward Dog without your underwear might not be your cup of green tea but the popularity of classes has grown in recent months. Fans claim that Megan Fox, Jennifer Aniston and Kim Kardashian are among the celebrities who practice the nude workouts. Many have practiced the workout at home, in the past, but more and more fitness fans are signing up to groups in London and New York and loving the experience. read more -Source: Daily Sun

Rosie Rees on the benefits of clothes free yoga

Nude yoga benefits laid bare Yoga teacher Rosie Rees will hold a women’s nude yoga class and a couples’ nude yoga class at Phoenix Yoga, Maroochydore, on July 8 and 9 as part of a national tour. But don’t get the wrong idea. “It’s not like you come in and you’re buck naked and we start doing the downward dog – it’s much more intimate,” she said. Miss Rees said although some people were uncomfortable about being naked, the experience was often empowering. “I have one woman who does my nude yoga classes regularly because normal yoga just doesn’t cut it for her any more,” she said. read more – Source: Sun Coast Daily

naked yoga with stranger leads to discomfort

What happened when I did yoga naked with dozens of strangers When I sign up for Naked In Motion’s combo pilates and yoga class — a workout sans clothes — I have a lot of questions: When do you get naked? What if you have to fart? Do people hit on each other? (Probably not if you fart.) While I’ve made great strides from the body-conscious teenager I used to be, I know that I’ve still got some work to do. That’s why the class is so intriguing to me. For example, I’m not the kind of person who can stand naked in a locker room without feeling uncomfortable. I don’t like seeing my body, sans clothes, when I’m in a changing room. In fact, I’ve never even been skinny-dipping. In more practical terms, I don’t do yoga. Ever. I can’t touch my toes — or my ankles. In other words, I have the flexibility of a 70-year-old man. Needless to say, I am a little anxious about working out naked, but I’m hopeful that …

opinions by someone who has never done clothes free yoga

OPINION: Naked truth of downward dog AN email arrived in my inbox the other day with the simple subject line: “Naked yoga?” I must admit it was a little disconcerting. “A very kind offer,” I thought, “but I’m afraid I’ll have to lodge an official complaint against someone.” It was a little awkward when I realised it wasn’t meant as a request but simply a question mark about a press release. I opened the email (trying not to look too anxious or interested) and, sure enough, it was from a lady advertising naked yoga classes. Now, I’ve never done yoga so I’m not sure of the benefits of doing it naked. The feeling of the morning breeze against your naked skin perhaps? Being one with nature? The bragging rights next time you’re with your mates? The mind boggles read more – Source: Sun Coast Daily curator’s note: Not sure why someone who has never done yoga would have an opinion about clothes free yoga or any yoga for that matter. 

Fully Exposed

Originally posted on SobrieTea Party:
? For the past two years, naked yoga has been on the top of my bucket list. On a sunny Sunday afternoon in the Flatiron district of Manhattan, I finally crossed it off my list in a class with 8 other students. I’ve always enjoyed finding new ways to see what I can learn about myself.  This desire for fresh invigoration has amplified since I cut alcohol out of my lifestyle. The 8 of us sat in the waiting room, filled out our waivers, and talked about how nervous/excited we were.  One guy mentioned that he’d been a few times.  “This class gets me out of my comfort zone.  I still get butterflies in my stomach before class – and I like that,”  he told me.  A few minutes before class started, we finally began removing our clothes.  We walked, totally nude, into a well-lit yoga room with yoga mats, candles, and Rihanna bumping in the speakers.  Our instructor, Joschi, was a German man who exuded confidence from his fit, naked body.  He…