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welsh invasion -naturist style

The nudist invasion of a Welsh beach today should not offend – nakedness has nothing to do with sex This morning those who harbour quite literal naked ambition will be heading for the Vale of Glamorgan for The Great British Skinny Dip. The event which invites swimmers to skip into the waves off Monknash Beach unfettered by bikinis, bathing costumes or Speedos has been organised by British Naturism. While everyone else seems to be wondering what is the politically correct line to take on France’s burkini ban, the governing body of British nudists is telling us to get our kit off. Completely. All in the cause of healthy living, of course. Naturists always push stripping as a lifestyle activity as wholesome as a vegan super salad. According to a spokesman: “This great event will provide lots of opportunities for people to try costume-free swimming across many varied locations, whilst having fun and raising awareness of how many people’s buttoned up attitude to the human body is causing them to lead potentially unhealthy lives.” read more …

My positive experience going to a nude beach

I Went To A Nude Beach And Loved Every Minute Of It I recently read an article about a woman’s negative experience with her first time at a clothing optional beach. I wanted to share my experience to show that not all nude beaches are uncomfortable. You don’t have to feel like a sexual object just because you are naked. This summer has been the season of firsts for me. Feeling adventurous, I decided to go to a clothing optional beach while I was in Hawaii. While in Pahoa, HI I was living with very open minded, accepting individuals. Nudity wasn’t a big deal in our small community. Taking that nudity public, however, was a little scary to me. I am a sexual assault survivor. I have PTSD from my assault and sometimes I can’t even stand to be touched. Having also dealt with an eating disorder, you can imagine what I thought it would feel like to have people staring at my naked body. Yes, the nerves are real. In my opinion, you can …

best bucket list check off

Visiting A Nude Beach Was The Best Thing I Ever Crossed Off My Bucket List Recently, I decided to take the proverbial plunge. On a whim, while visiting the Portland area, I went to a nude beach located on the beautiful Willamette River. While I’m completely open to being 100 percent body positive, I’ll admit I was a little bit anxious. I felt a little bit apprehensive, due to the mystery of the nude beach; I simply didn’t know what to expect. After a scenic drive through the Sauvie Island area, I eventually arrived to Collin Beach with my close friend alongside me. We came prepared with all the essentials: sunscreen for our pasty complexions, copious amounts of snacks and of course, all the wine. Upon entering, nothing stood out to me as off putting at all. After walking through a short wooded area, a clearing presented itself. The truly gorgeous area showcased a long sandy beach that extended as far as the eye could see. read more -Source: Elite Daily

naturists getting a bad rap

Warnbro: naturists say perverts at nude beach giving all users a ‘bad rap’ A 66-year-old Port Kennedy woman says perverts are giving Rockingham’s naturists a “bad rap”. Bev Rayner has been going to Warnbro nude beach for about five years and enjoyed the company of other naturists. “True naturists are not exhibitionist, it is not sexual for the regulars,” she said. “They are genuine local people, men and women, who want to feel freedom. “They are hard working, decent folk who want to get away from reality – the everyday grind. “I listen to the birds, enjoy the sun on my body and take a dip in the ocean when it gets hot. People look me in the eye.” Ms Rayner said the nude beach was self-policed, with undesirables being “hurried along”. “Regular men patrol the beach and if they see anything unacceptable, they tell them to leave the beach,” she said. “They soon put a stop to it.” Ms Rayner came to the defence of naturists after South Metropolitan MLC Phil Edman called for …

2016 Skinnydip day

Originally posted on Welcome to Wreck Beach!:
July 24(Sun.) was 7th Annual Wreck Beach Skinnydip day. It was the first time to take the photo with Canadian Coast Guard Service Moytel. It attracted many people… but at the same time, the earlier arrival did limited the number of the participants and ended up with 341 people. 341 ×$5 will be donated to W.B.P.S. by Mr. Roger Procter, CEO of Genex Capital. All the money will be spent to protect Wreck Beach. I’d like to say Thank you to all the participants, Roger, CCGS Moytal crews and Wreck Beach… We are making posters and postcards from the photo. It will be ready for sell on the beach by this weekend. Thank you again and see you soon on the beach! ? ?

access denied naturist push to make Toronto beach nude only was a monumental fail here is why

The recent efforts of some naturists to require visitors to be nude at the clothing optional designated part of Hanlan Point Beach in Toronto was a monumental fail. The experience of a woman who was confronted by two male “naturists and told she needed to get undressed. was reported first on Reddit and then picked up by media outlets in Canada and internationally. In the eyes of this writer the misguided efforts of the nude only proponents which include a leader of the Canadian naturist federation did more harm than good. It may well have created lasting consequences for clothes free beach goers in Toronto and those trying to normalize simple nudity and clothes free living in general. Here’s why I believe it was a major fail. Engagement diversity fail – The wrong people, the wrong time, the wrong place. Two older men telling a woman that she needs to take her clothes off when she visits a public clothing optional beach is nothing short of creepy. Regardless of their intentions it reinforces the public perception …

revelations from visit to Tahoe nude beaches

Tahoe Nude Beaches—5 Things I Learned from my Trip to the Naked East Shore. If you would have brought up the idea of hitting up a nude beach to me, say—er—four months ago, you would have most likely been bombarded by some combination of the following words: “Gross… inappropriate… weird… uncomfortable… would never… saggy balls… creepy… [insert additional limiting perspective here]. Basically, I was not open to it. Like, at all. I was, however, curious about nude beaches. What’s the deal with these beaches? Do people really get totally naked? What if they’re only filled with creepy old dudes and French tourists? My mind was riddled with assumptions; hung up on baseless cliches and preconceived notions. But I was curious. I found myself mystified not only by the taboo nature of letting it all hang out in public, but by the fact that such a place (or few) actually existed in my own backyard. read more – Source: The Tahoe Journal

‘Show respect to the nudists:’ Sign at ‘clothing optional’ beach orders non-nude out — Global News

Toronto’s parks department is investigating after a homemade sign on a “clothing optional” beach told those not in the nude to butt out. via ‘Show respect to the nudists:’ Sign at ‘clothing optional’ beach orders non-nude out — Global News curator’s note naturists/nudists insistence that people get undressed leads to investigation. If the clothing optional nature of the beach is lost they have no one to blame but themselves.