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welsh invasion -naturist style

The nudist invasion of a Welsh beach today should not offend – nakedness has nothing to do with sex This morning those who harbour quite literal naked ambition will be heading for the Vale of Glamorgan for The Great British Skinny Dip. The event which invites swimmers to skip into the waves off Monknash Beach unfettered by bikinis, bathing costumes or Speedos has been organised by British Naturism. While everyone else seems to be wondering what is the politically correct line to take on France’s burkini ban, the governing body of British nudists is telling us to get our kit off. Completely. All in the cause of healthy living, of course. Naturists always push stripping as a lifestyle activity as wholesome as a vegan super salad. According to a spokesman: “This great event will provide lots of opportunities for people to try costume-free swimming across many varied locations, whilst having fun and raising awareness of how many people’s buttoned up attitude to the human body is causing them to lead potentially unhealthy lives.” read more …

skinny dip trending for singles

Skinny dipping is the new rage for singles Here’s the skinny on Americans — they love to swim nude when on vacations, according to a new survey by an online dating Web site. According to more than 15,000 respondents, skinny-dipping is very popular among singles — but being caught in the act (of swimming with no clothes on), not so much. The survey by showed more than 70 percent of travelers have gone skinny-dipping, while 38 percent have been caught while doing so. Among recent celebrities, Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton and Rihanna have all been photographed skinny dipping in exotic locales. read more – Source: NY Post

Event Recap: 2016 Summer Solstice Skinny Dipping Hike — Young Naturists and Young Nudists America

Young Naturists And Nudists America YNA Recap of the YNA 2016 Summer Solstice Skinny Dipping Hike Guest blog by: Bill Nesc On Monday, I met up with about 50 other people for the 2016 YNA Summer Solstice Hike in the Ramapo Mountains of NY’s Hudson Valley. We met in the parking lot of the Sabago Lake boat… via Event Recap: 2016 Summer Solstice Skinny Dipping Hike — Young Naturists and Young Nudists America

the pleasure of skinny dipping

deanna templeton captures the perfect pleasure of skinny dipping In her new book, The Swimming Pool (due for release through Um Yeah Arts in June), Deanna captures eight summers worth of visiting skinny dippers — friends, and later, friends of friends — suspended in the pool’s turquoise water. (Summers only, because she still hasn’t figured out how to turn on the pool’s heating system.) Like bugs in amber, the swimmers’ bodies are caught in languid momentary poses indefinitely. But far from being static, they seem to drift freely through an endless summer. The series began eight years ago, when Ed decided to take a skinny dip one day (“he just prefers to swim nude”), and Deanna grabbed her camera from the house. “I got about 10 shots,” she says. “One, torso down, looked like a pencil drawing. It didn’t look real. A few had really interesting distortions. Not to compare my work to Francis Bacon’s but…” She liked how the sun flared off the swimmer’s body, and the unexpected ways in which the light refracted …

More Skinny Dipping Adventures in Woodstock New York YNA

Our Latest Adventures Trying to Find Skinny Dipping Places in Woodstock, NY It’s officially nudie season! This means it’s time for getting naked outside and in nature. Jordan and I have our favorite places to be naked outdoors, but we also like to travel and discover new ones. Our typical nudie road trip style is to scroll through listings on until we find a spot that’s “clothing-optional” or perhaps of “unknown” textile status. Then we go exploring. It’s nudie or nothing! No safety net for us because we leave our swimsuits at home. (Okay so I actually forget the damn suit every time, which I mean to take just in case). In 2013, we went looking for a skinny dipping spot along Saw Kill Creek in Woodstock, NY called “Big Deep” (It’s listed on We’d found groups of people swimming with bathing suits. But we just walked further along the water until we could stake out our own secluded area to swim naked. read more – Source: Young Naturists


In the Deep End: Skinny Dipping in Glasgow Picture the scene: you’re in what feels like a staffroom with around fifteen people. A reassuringly scratchy carpet underfoot, the familiar crackle of polystyrene cups buckling in idle hands. Conversation is easy, everything is normal. Run-of-the-mill, even. Oh – except everyone’s absolutely bollock and nipple naked. Including you. For many, the scenario above is the stuff of brie-before-bed nightmares, a screengrab from an archived 4oD documentary, or a stage-fright coping technique. For me, it was Sunday night, and I’d been invited to join Glasgow Continental’s weekly naturist swimming event – an opportunity for a wee dip, Lycra-free at Arlington Baths. We were sharing a cup of tea (naked) and I was working up the nerve to go swimming (also naked). After all, when in Arlington, do as the Romans did. Or something like that. Attending a naturist event was a terrifying prospect. I’m a total prude when it comes to my own body, and have been since childhood. My grandmother learned this in Beamish when I fell …

Why Charlie Teo went nude with family, colleagues and strangers

PROMINENT neurosurgeon Dr. Charlie Teo employs several tactics to keep his ego in check Teo agreed to take part after Sydney Skinny event organiser Nigel Marsh put the offer on the table over dinner. “He’s a motivational speaker so he’s very persuasive,” he said. “I thought ‘if I’m going to do it then so is my surgical team and my kids’. “It’s a team building spirit and it’s important to get out of your comfort zone.” It’s quite the sobering leap to move a staff bonding exercise from a dimly lit karaoke bar in the city to a busy Sydney beach where the mandatory dress code reads ‘naked’ and the sun shines bright. But Teo said he didn’t have any trouble convincing others to join him and his ‘Brain Cancer Warriors’ team. “Two of my four daughters and their boyfriends, medical students and visiting international neurosurgeons — one from the US and one from Spain — all did it with me,” he said. Teo said he was confident in his body but admitted he felt …

From prude to nude skinny dip

 The previously modest woman stripping off to do a VERY public naked swim… after being inspired to bare all by her stripper housemate ‘I grew up in a conservative household and went to a prim and proper girls school,’ Drew told Daily Mail Australia. ‘You didn’t talk about sexuality and dressing modestly was very important.’ Now Drew has done a 180, sharing nude photos and participating in the Sydney Skinny, an annual naked swim that raises money for charity. The fourth annual Sydney Skinny will take place on February 28 2016, and feature thousands of people baring all at Cobbler’s Beach Read more:  

Huntington Ban on Clothes free Swims Protested

Nudists protest being banned from Huntington Beach city gym In September, that practice came to a halt when City Manager Fred Wilson signed a regulation prohibiting use of the facility and others like it to the nudists, citing that “the exposure unreasonably interferes” with city employees’ abilities to perform their responsibilities during private rentals. At Tuesday’s City Council meeting, about 15 members of the nudist group showed up to protest the regulation and asked for it to be rescinded. R. Allen Baylis, an attorney and president of the local group, complained that Wilson “adopted the resolution on his own with no input from the City Council.” Baylis asked either that Wilson rescind the regulation or be directed by City Council to withdraw it. Wilson said he adopted the regulation because “there were concerns brought to my attention that led to us revisiting the issue.” Wilson added that his intent was to leave the policy in effect, unless directed otherwise by the City Council Source: OC Register