Month: December 2015

Why I Walk Bare-Chested (in Crowded Places)

Originally posted on breastsarehealthy:
Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, NY Summer 2015. Nobody cares… as it should be. ? I walk bare-chested because I enjoy the feeling of freedom it gives me. After two years quietly doing so, I started a blog at the request of friends and family to share my experiences and lessons learned. Through the blog I occasionally get this question, “If you want to normalize female bare-chestedness, why do you walk bare-chested in places men don’t appear bare-chested?” So here’s my answer. First, I only appear bare-chested where it is in fact legal for a man to appear bare-chested.  I do not enter private establishments, for example, if the proprietors ask that men also where shirts.  I’m not out to challenge the owners of businesses trying to survive. Second, with few exceptions, when I have appeared bare-chested I have seen at least one man bare-chested.  I make notes of it, in fact.  It’s just that people don’t see him.  We are so accustomed to it, he just goes right by unnoticed.  (As do…

New Years Eve Naked Comedy Show In NYC

Event -Naked Comedy Show – New Year’s Eve! The Creek and The Cave Long Island City, NY The Naked Comedy Show, at The Creek and the Cave, features NYC’s best & bravest comedians performing in the nude. It’s that simple.  There will only be 60 tickets available for purchase. Everyone that purchases a ticket will get a seat at the show (no more standing room only)

A call for the creation of a clothes free creatives guild

This year I have read, view or watched tremendous works of artistry created by people who life the clothes free life. In the process I have observed the emergence of high quality literature, art, movies.This is something not seen in the clothes free community for quite a while. It is the opinion of this writer that if the clothes free life is to be normalized there needs to be more high quality expression of the clothes free life to counter to conventional wisdom. However, many of our great artists and most creative clothes free people have a difficult time getting their work  completed and published for a larger audience. Here are a couple examples of how a clothes free creatives guild might benefit existing artists and creatives. Nick Alimonos has the workings of a fantastic fantasy adventure which has a clothes free hero and heroine in Ages of Aenya. However his last Kickstarter was not fully funded. The video below gives a glimpse of the potential.  Artists from a guild could help to bring his characters to life and support …

Make it a Happy Nude Year for Her

Originally posted on Clothing Optional Trips:
So is one of your New Year’s resolutions to go topless on a beach? Or are you thinking of adding skinny dipping to your bucket list? How about taking a nude vacation aka nakation? There is no better time than 2016 to see what visiting a nude beach or resort really feels like. It’s not what you expect. My wife and I have been writing this blog for more than two years now. We’ve detailed our experiences visiting nude and clothing optional resorts, B&B, beaches and clubs all over the U.S., Mexico, South Pacific and Caribbean. Our time naked on vacation is some of the best quality time we have together. It’s fun. It’s relaxing. It’s great we time. It’s very romantic but not in a sexual way. I’ll explain more later. And our blog is here to help and encourage other couples to give it a try. I was reviewing the search terms people use to find our blog over the past year and a lot of them are related to…