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Clothes free by design

#clothesfree by design — clothesfreelife (@Liveclothesfree) July 13, 2016 View this post on Instagram The #clothesfree body is our original design everything else is additive live the #clothesfreelife you were designed for aka us questions if you want to know how #clothesfreeliving A post shared by Clothes Free Life (@clothesfreelife) on Jul 13, 2016 at 9:24am PDT

clothes free friday thoughts

    You can be naked all of the time, You can dance, you can run, and go climb, Don’t let it be said That nudity’s dead, It’s alive and well in its prime! Copyright 2016 Harold J. Connors – Each Friday we will post a new limerick image from contributor Harold Connor expressing the positive value of clothes free living. Please share your thoughts on this new feature in the comments section.