Month: February 2014

10 Weirdest Naked Events

a list of ten clothes free and not so clothes free events 10 Weirdest Naked Events Rugby players aren’t afraid of anything, including playing naked! A match in the nude over the weekend in Dunedin, New Zealand, went off without a hitch, except for chilly weather and a streaker! The nude rugby international, which started as a celebration of New Zealand’s national nude day, was held as a warm-up – although temperatures were reportedly cold enough to prove embarrassing – to the forthcoming match between the All Blacks and France. Needless to say, there were plenty of tackles flying about with only one interruption … when a fully-clothed streaker ran on to the pitch. Naked rugby ain’t for everybody. read more

Social Media vs. Nudity

Aanr blog discusses FB nudity policy and the impact it has on celeb artist like Spencer Tunick Social Media vs. Nudity What people may not be aware of is the process of evaluating photos that are deemed acceptable. According to Facebook, with few exceptions, the company does not just pull photos down of their own volition, except those that involve extreme and graphic images of things like child pornography. For the rest of posted photos, a Facebook user has to flag the photo as objectionable. If a content monitor employed by Facebook agrees, the photo is removed. The New Yorker cartoons are not immune to Facebook’s anti-nudity stance. Neither is famed photographer Spencer Tunick, who was recently invited to submit photos of his art to Facebook, prior to posting, for approval after Facebook continued to take some of his photos down, froze his account, and occasionally threatened him with the deletion of his page. read more

KZN Nudist beach: mayor welcomes proposal

clothes free beach proposal welcomed by mayor KZN Nudist beach: mayor welcomes proposal However, in a statement on Tuesday, Mqwebu said people with different ideas were welcome to approach the municipality. She warned that municipal by-laws will have to be taken into consideration. Mqwebu said, “We wish to reiterate that currently our by-laws do not permit such activity on our beaches. Should the municipality desire to change this position, a formal council resolution would be required in order to amend the existing by-laws after the normal public consultative process had been exhausted. We hope this clarifies the municipality’s position on the matter”. read more

Nudism vs. Getting Naked to expose

@nakedvegetarian points out the difference between clothes free and getting naked to expose oneself on the Well Written Woman Blog Nudism vs. Exhibitionism Nudists “just want to be nude. If they like to be with others, it’s because humans are social creatures.” ( has nothing to do with sexual gratification but rather from the simple belief that nude is better. While I have never experienced exhibitionism in the clothed world, I have (unfortunately) come across it in a nudist setting. read more

Another milestone site passes 500, 000 and 1000

After we celebrated our biggest day of hits and second anniversary earlier this week, yesterday brought another cause for celebration. This site hit another milestone passing 1/2 million hit or page views and 1042 followers. Thank you to all our visitors and especially those who share the site with others since word of mouth (search engine traffic is less than 5 a day by design to keep the site connected with promoting non sexual clothes free living) is our biggest referral. Thanks also our contributors who create the content that brings people to the site again and again.

Legally blind Fla. woman suing nudist condo association after told service dog is no longer welcome

guide dog for blind nudist desired in clothes free condos Legally blind Fla. woman suing nudist condo association after told service dog is no longer welcome Though clothing is entirely optional at Paradise Lakes Resort in Lutz, the size of Sharon Fowler’s service dog, Laura, is apparently not. That’s at least according to a warning the disabled renter says she received by the Paradise Lakes Condo Association, a group unaffiliated with the resort but allegedly enforcing this rule. Read more:

Naked Ballerina Photographs Showcase The True Power Of A Woman’s Body

clothes free ballerina photos Naked Ballerina Photographs Showcase The True Power Of A Woman’s Body Earlier this year a series of naked photographs taken of experienced yogi Luba Hegre caused outrage, with spectators focussing (unfairly in our opinion) on the model’s weight as opposed to the strength of her body. We hope the same will not be true of these beautiful images. read more at HuffPost

Nudists taking plunge

# Nudists taking plunge > The Taranaki Naturists Club’s annual nude beach walk will start with a splash this weekend – it coincides with the opening of their new pool. “It’s a bit of nuddy r’n’r,” the club’s president Arthur Eagles said. And with sunshine forecast for the weekend, members will be sure to be applying plenty of sunscreen during the “pool party extravaganza”, which kicks off at 5 this evening. Mr Eagles said a new 12 metre pool had been funded partly by a TSB Community Trust grant and partly by fundraising. read more

Cypress Cove Nascar Weekend calendar

Excerpt of activities at Cypress Cove this weekend > NASCAR Weekend Thursday 5:00 – 9:00 pm Nude Night (Free Glass of Wine w/ Dinner Entree for Nude Diners) – Lakeside Restaurant 6:00 pm Live Flute w/ Susan – Lakeside Restaurant Friday 7:00 am Tony Little Resistance Workout w/ Debi – Clubhouse 7:30 am Power Walk w/ Debi – Clubhouse 8:00 am Walk Fit & Trim – Clubhouse 8:30 AM 3 Mile Power Walk – Gameroom 9:00 am Chinese Wand Exercise for Strength and Flexibility – Clubhouse 9:00 am Pickleball – Pickleball Courts 10:00 am Yoga / Qigong w/ Terry – Clubhouse 10:30 am Water Exercise – East Pool 11:00 am Line Dancing w/ Marilyn & Jean – Clubhouse 5:00 – 7:00 pm Happy Hour – Scuttlebutts 6:00 pm Bar Trivia – Scuttlebutts 7:00 pm Suicide Karaoke w/ DJ Xavier – Scuttlebutts 7:30 pm Open Table Tennis – Gameroom Read more


body positive clothes free positive story, a great approach SPREAD HEALING: THE NUDE-POSITIVITY MOVEMENT Actively make the decisions about your nudity. In the nude-positivity movement, you own your body. You get to decide what your body is for. No one has the right to tell you when, where, or how your body should be seen. Some people want to be nude, some people don’t. It’s all good. Wearing clothing is not a crime but neither should be being nude. Be as clothed or not clothed as you want! End nude shaming of others. We all have the right to be clothing-free without being called sluts, whores, or any other derogatory insults. Stop shaming people for being nude or semi-nude. From shaming people that are wearing revealing clothing to people that have decided to be nude professionally, just let them be in whatever state of nude they’d like, in peace. Curvy girl wearing a small bikini, don’t shame them. Topless waitress, don’t shame them. Chippendales dancer, let them gyrate, and don’t shame them. read more *Curator’s …