Month: August 2015

Another clothes free comedy performer at resort

I performed comedy naked at a nudist resort and it wasn’t even the most uncomfortable part of my day. Frankly, I was kinda bored. It didn’t take me long to revert to my normal naked time activity: picking at ingrown hairs. In the few hours I was there, I developed a new fear about performing with toilet paper stuck to my labia. What’s the etiquette there? Do you tell someone, like with spinach in their teeth? The show was a special comedy/sword fighting/Renaissance themed dinner—think big turkey legs and elaborate costumes, but also nudity. I know, it was weird. The Pun Gents opened the show. Get it? Lord Seymour Thanue and Sir Thomas of Lipton, otherwise known as David Barone and Matt Harlow fought each other with swords while throwing pun-filled insults at each other. Next, Alex Feldman, aka Alex the Jester performed. Alex is a literal jester. The first part of the show was family friendly. I felt sort of silly explaining that I couldn’t perform a clean, kid-friendly set naked. Read the full …


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Working out the details of a seminar I need to attend this weekend I see that the location is 20 miles from Olive Dell Ranch. Stay at a hotel closer or spend much less money and have time in the sun? Easy decision! Olive Dell Ranch here I come one more time. This will most likely be my last visit for this year. I can’t wait to get there and feel the freedom!? Stay Naked!

Scorching Saturday

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Saturday 8th The evening (Friday) passed uneventful with all the other members going home leaving us on our own until another couple arrived about 9 pm. It was another evening spent playing trivial pursuit,listening to music and drinking some bevvies before turning in around 11pm. After a restless nights sleep and a visit to the loo,it was an early start for me today (Saturday) sitting here on my own with just a coffee for company and the ticking  clock at 5.50am. Its a little bit misty this morning so hopefully it’ll be a nice day,but just as I write the mist has lifted and its seems to be a little cloudy. Its so peaceful this morning and already I’ve seen Rabbits,heard the tweeting of the birds, a squawk from the crow, noticed a spider in the kitchen so the day is off to a good start and its still warm enough to be naked. After a couple of coffees and a walk round I returned to the chalet at…

Send OBJECTION to Port Metro Vancouver!

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Please say NO to Port Metro Vancouver about the date they set for the public hearing. Date: August 29 (Sat.)  Time : 2:00PM Who do you think is going to attend this? It is the end of the season and people are away for holiday. They did this on purposely to get few people to show up on public hearing! We all need to say NO! to Port Metro Vancouver and make them postpone till at least after labour day! Contact to : Mr. Andrew Taylor Phone: 604 665 9627 Email:

Gymnasium schedule at Burning Man 2015

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Next week,  our theme camp Gymnasium will finally come to life at the much anticipated Burning Man festival. If you read this and plan to be there, I’m pretty sure you’ll want to visit our camp. Have a look at the schedule of our events, but keep in mind that we plan to do even more than we have announced – so stop by our camp at 7:30 Portal, and almost certainly during day time you’ll find something fun to do and learn… all in the buff! I’ll also list naturist (and naturist-ish) events from other camps below after our schedule… and what is mind-boggling is that it’s all just a tiny fraction of all the “craziness” that Burning Man is! Butt-Cheeky Run Come get your burn started – with the sun’s soft caresses on your butt cheeks! The Ancient Greeks always trained and competed naked – in fact the ’gym’ comes from the word ‘gymnos’, meaning ‘naked’ in Greek. Come experience the amazing freedom of running and jumping and exercising free…

A #naked walk in the forest at night

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A week or two ago, I started reading Naked in the Woods, a guide to Spiritual nudity by Storm Moon. As a naturist who loves hiking naked in the woods and who started naked meditation some months ago, the theme was of deep interest. I loved the first pages, the description of our links to our mother earth and how nudity can help us getting closer to nature, this spoke directly to my deep feelings. Then, when the author started to speak about his personal practice of nude walk in the forest, it stroke me that I was never entirely naked when hiking: I had walking shoes, a rucksack, a cap… What would it be to be entirely naked? The question needed an answer. As it was dusk, I decided to go for a walk in the forest entirely naked, leaving everything, clothes, watch, shoes. As I was already naked, I just had to take my watch off, let my sandals go and off I went to the forest.…

Full moon under a full moon

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Today’s drive to Olive Dell Ranch was slowed by a massive traffic jam. It took a full 3 hours to get here! It usually only takes an hour and 20 minutes.? I got situated and ate dinner. Now I’m lounging in my tent getting ready to sleep under a glorious moon. It’s still 82 degrees out at 10:00pm so I won’t be needing a sleeping bag. The Ranch is active tonight. I can hear people in the hot tub but I’m just too tired to join them.? Each time I visit Olive Dell it feels like I’m come home. No judging, no drama, just good times and a mellow vibe. Plus walking around with just my flip flops on makes the brutal drive quickly fade away. Tomorrow its forecast to be another scorcher. You’ll find me near the pool!? Staying Naked!!!!!